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Java Edition Textures Finally Perfected

Hooray! We can all retire!

[UPDATE: Turns out this was all an April Fools joke and we've been forced to rehire Jasper.]

Since late last year, we’ve been iterating on a new default texture pack for the Java Edition of Minecraft. At each stage, we’ve asked the community (that’s YOU!) for feedback, and worked hard to integrate all the great ideas we received.

Finally, we can reveal that, after taking on board all the opinions shared with us, we have a version of these textures that we are confident will please absolutely everyone.

We're so confident, in fact, that we're releasing it this Sunday morning to everyone in 1.12 and 1.13 straight away! After this guaranteed-to-be-successful trial, you can expect to see the textures in all editions of Minecraft soon!

Enjoy this feast for the eyes!

Not only are the new textures a real delight to behold, giving your world a new thrilling vibrancy, but they’re also compatible with the popular .PCX format - one of the most widely accepted DOS imaging standards!


There are a couple of ways to get feedback on these textures to us. However, since we’ve objectively made the best textures possible there’s really no reason to bother - so you can just sit back, boot up Minecraft, and bask in this technicolour treat instead! No need to thank us. Or contact us in any way.

But we will thank Jasper, our tireless texture artist, whose work here is now finally done. Great job, pal! Now clear your desk and get out.

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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