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Industrial Insect

Four friends forge an airship

A giant bug zipping across the sky is quite the sight – but even more so when it’s actually a great big metal aircraft! The Flight of the Bumblebee is a project created by four brilliant builders working together, just like busy bees!

Leading the team was Squity, a seasoned builder that is no stranger to being featured here on – he's the bee's knees, if you will. He tells me that he noticed a contest on Planet Minecraft for builders to create some kind of flying contraption and got really excited to join with some friends.

It took them a while to figure out what they wanted to build, however. “We had lots of ideas, so it took quite some time to fine tune our concepts,” says Ranie, one of the builders that Squity worked with.

“We tried some different styles,” Squity adds. “After brainstorming, we had a concept in our mind about a bee-like ship, so we tried some different things within that concept. It was clear that we needed a huge flying insect.”

After deciding on this strange insectoid aircraft, the team split up to work on their respective specialities. For the surrounding world, the team used another ace builder – Consue. “Consue is really good with terraforming, so she did the whole terrain underneath the bee. It works really well together with the focal point, so she did a great job,” Squity tells me.

“I enjoyed that I was able to use past exercises and practice to create a strong terrain piece that I really liked,” says Consue. “I always find desert terrains really challenging and gratifying at the same time.”

“As a team, we worked buttery smooth. We gave everything we could for the best result possible. This part of building makes me full of joy.”

In order to make the world far, far below, she started with some desert rock and then added on dunes, sand, and some rough vegetation that could withstand the hot, dry weather. “I then took it to World Painter to apply the colouring,” she says.

It certainly fits with the story behind the build, which was made up by Jossie. Apparently, the bee is carrying humans escaping the effects of a deadly meteor shower, so no wonder the ground looks so unfriendly to live on. Jossie even wrote some pretend logs by the captain of the ship for extra flavour, and was the one who settled on the Bumblebee name.

But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t hard at work building, too! “Jossie is the organic-man,” Squity tells me. “He did an awesome job with the legs and the back of the insect where he pays attention to the overall look of the build.”

“We had a reference image to go by for the insect, but we kept constantly changing or going back and adding to it,” Jossie explains.

“Ranie is awesome with structures,” Squity says next. “He was helping me getting the mechanical parts done. He pays attention to the smallest details, which makes him a great builder.”

Ranie doesn’t confirm or deny this, but he’s full of praise for his friends. “As a team, we worked buttery smooth. We gave everything we could for the best result possible.” He does say that creating structures like this is his favourite thing to do in Minecraft though: “this part of building makes me full of joy.”

Four people all did their own work on the build, but it looks like one solid whole. That’s what Squity likes best about the whole thing. “I personally like the merge between the organic and the mechanical parts. We managed to merge the two aspects together really smoothly. It makes the build feel like an aircraft that is alive, which was our goal.”

The final thing to do was to get the renders captured, to make it look picture perfect for all the competition judges and lovely viewers like you! That was Squity’s job too, and he even took a 360-degree video to show off every angle of his and his friends’ hard work.

He also points out that if you zoom out to see the whole ship like this, it’s so big that you can’t even see the individual blocks! Maybe if you get really, really close to the next bee you see in the park, you’ll suddenly find miniature Minecraft blocks? Probably best not to try it, those things have a nasty sting.

Renders by Squity

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