Five Gorgeous Gardens You Might Have Missed

All the fun of watching grass grow - but in Minecraft!

What's growing in your dream Minecraft garden? Mine is full of dandelions and orchids and tulips and Marsh and Emily doing all the gardening work for me while I lie back in my deck chair, snoozing happily in the sunshine. Bliss!

I offered Marsh and Emily lovely new jobs toiling 24/7 on Tom's Dream Garden (“I'll pay you in seeds! One whole seed a week! What a great deal! No breaks.”). But they just dug a big hole in it and shoved me inside. Bah! Those big-city buffoons simply don't appreciate the nature-nurturing joy of crafting a garden.

Luckily, these five green-fingered builders do!

Luck Block Mod's Map

by Majoras

EMILY: I don’t know exactly what the giant flying dreamcatcher-lookin’ circles are here, but I do know that they are great. The regular sky is so boring! We need more of Majoras’ awesome designs to spice it up a bit. Sure, it might interfere with air travel but who needs to fly when you live here?

Besides the cool sky-discs, I also love the trees and the buildings that complement them. The composition and palette of this garden is beautiful and it feels dreamlike, or as if it came straight from a fairytale. I can imagine few things more relaxing than laying under the enormous tree and watching the peculiar creatures that dwell there.

The Floral Wall

by Buiiilder81

TOM: Thought gardens had to be in the 'ground', did you? It's 2018 you past-dwelling dope - gardens can be anywhere! In hats! In the sink! In your mouth! Or in the case of Builder81's The Floral Wall, the garden can be in a - you guessed it - wall!

The mushrooms and grass look great, but it's the sunshine-yellow hummingbird enjoying this garden that charms me the most. Plus, as a massive fan of shameless self-promotion, I think scrawling your name in big letters across the top of your build is a great way to get yourself out there! THIS PARAGRAPH WAS WRITTEN BY TOM STONE.

Château de Chantilly

by Arche

EMILY: Ah, the Château de Chantilly! My future home! And rendered so beautifully in Minecraft - which is good, because it might be my only real shot at living there.

This recreation is the work of Arche, whose clear-cut lines and bold patterns are instantly eye-catching. Look at that lawn! Truly, Arche has captured the beauty of northern France on a bright summer’s day. Now I can think of nothing better than throwing a deck chair on that lawn, slurping through a cold drink and burning myself to a crisp, before inevitably being arrested for trespassing. Look at it though! You can’t deny it would totally be worth it.

Oracle Palace

by Kiidi

TOM: What's better than a terrific big tree? How about a terrific tree growing out of a mysterious blue orb? The Oracle Palace has plenty of windows peering out at the interior garden, allowing its swanky guests to take a break from yelling at butlers and eating coins (or whatever it is rich people get up to) so they can look out at the garden, and wonder how such a mighty tree is growing out of that orb in the first place. Magic? Science? Big blue seeds are a thing now? Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Try counting the blocks in the tree. Finished? Guessing that took you about five years, because there are tons. All to make it one of the most detailed nature builds I’ve seen since I ate too many coins and started hallucinating. Bravo!

Temple Of The Holy Fountain

by gmaster0o0

EMILY: The Temple Of The Holy Fountain by gmaster0o0 is a really lovely structural building, but its garden kinda steals all of its limelight.

I mean, have you ever seen such an exceptional lawn? Healthy green grass contrasted by the vibrant reds and cheerful yellows of neighbouring flowers; stylish topiary creating sharp shapes that slot neatly into larger, more mesmerising patterns. All that, and I haven’t even mentioned the water fountains, statues and murals that accent this pretty paradise. You might come for the temple, but you’ll definitely end up staying for the garden!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone