Fantastic Fish

Drago crafts a creepy creature of the sea!

Apparently, we know much less about the bottom of the ocean than we do about outer space. But with things like Drago’s Angler Fish lurking down there in the deep, can you really blame us? All those teeth… that blank white eye… yeah, I’d much rather hop in an astronaut suit, thanks.

Drago has no fear, though. “A few pins popped up on my Pinterest so I tried doodling an angler fish,” he explains simply. “I thought something interesting was going on there.” Sure, interesting, that’s one word for it. Remind me to never search for any sealife galleries on my Pinterest. 

“The sculpture was made mostly with just Worldedit and Voxelsniper,” Drago tells me. In particular he made use of some new building tools created by Arcaniax. The first, “loft tool,” is usually used for cloth-like shapes, and the second “spike tool,” is an improvement over an earlier one that only let builders make straight shapes. I’ll give you three guesses as to what mouthful of sharp, curved spikes Drago made with that.

“I started by doodling the base of the angler fish, then drew out the line for the lamp,” he says. “The real part where the spike tool shines is the fangs. Doing fangs has never been so easy as it is with Arcaniax’s spike tool.” 

Oh goody. But I’ll admit they are very impressive, crowding all up in that mouth ready to give somebody the world’s deadliest kiss. I’m just going to try not to look too hard at them. Or imagine those curvy nightmares are just a bunch of lovely water slides with very lax health-and-safety guidelines.

“Finally, I added the remaining final details with loft tool for the side fins, spike tool for the gills, small details such as the eyelashes with hand, and polished the build,” Drago continues. “The little guy was done in a similar way.” Poor little guy, went through the same dedicated build process only to get speared on those sharp, sharp teeth.

He captured the whole process in a gif, too, so you can see it get creepier and creepier, bit by bit!

One of the last additions was the colour palette, which is one of my favourite parts of the build. The renders of this sculpture are lovely as always, with the lamp lit up to lure that poor little guy to its doom, but the daytime in-game screenshots really capture the combination of scales and flesh. Those gills are just horrible, and I love that!

“I’m really happy with the final product,” says Drago. He’s currently focusing on bust sculptures after making some dramatic lion and dragon heads, so a fish that’s basically all head was an “over-creative” way to do that. “I’ll definitely be making more bust sculptures in the future,” he says.

What animals do you think would make good projects for Drago to tackle next? How about next time a creature that isn’t, oh I don’t know, absolutely terrifying.

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