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A Minecraft player character standing at the edge of a ravine, accompanied by 8 wolves.

Shy friends and armored paws

Officially meet the armadillo and new wolves!

They’re here, they’re actually here! I won’t contain my excitement, and neither should you! The armadillo, eight new wolf variations, and wolf armor are now officially released in today’s Minecraft’s Armored Paws drop, and are available to play in Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.  Just remember to not sprint full-speed at the armadillos! 

The Armored Paws drop - playable today in Minecraft! 

The armadillo

This shy critter prefers the heat of the savanna and badlands and will roll up if you approach it too swiftly or loudly. Aside from being an adorable addition to the Overworld, the armadillo also drops a very valuable item for doting wolf parents: the scute. But before you grab your sword and start swinging at a poor armadillo, you should know that they only drop scutes when you brush them, or randomly as they walk around. You can’t tame them, but you can sneak right up to them while going “aaaaawwwwwwwwwww” and that’s good enough for me! 

The wolves 

Unlike armadillos, wolves can become loyal companions that would face even the scariest of mobs for you. Now you can finally pay them back (or make them face even scarier mobs) by giving them armor that will keep them safe and even withstand multiple creeper explosions! Plus, you can dye the armor to tell your pets apart much more easily. Although that won’t be much of a problem anymore, now that there are eight (yes, EIGHT) new wolf variations! 

The original wolf is now called the pale wolf, and the new variations are the woods, black, ashen, chestnut, rusty, spotted, snowy, and striped wolf! Each of them can be found in a different biome. I’ll let you discover which, because finding them is half the fun! The other half is matching a collar to each fur color. For more details of the technical kind, check out the Bedrock and Java changelogs.

The hidden meaning behind each wolf variation – according to me! 

Humans have ascribed hidden, made-up meanings to animal encounters for centuries, and now it’s my turn! Will encountering a specific type of wolf have any effect on your game? Technically, no. But will it influence your emotional state in a way that will forever alter the course of your playthrough? Strong maybe. But what does each wolf variation mean? Read on and find out your prediction... 

Pale wolf 

The pale wolf is a dear friend we’ve all gone on many (mis)adventures with. Encountering this type of wolf for the first time means that you’re in for a great dose of nostalgia, whether it’s remembering a blocky friend you’ve lost to a sneaky creeper or stumbling upon a long-forgotten build.  

Black wolf  

Black cats have been unfairly labeled as harbingers of misfortune, when in fact there’s nothing luckier than being near a cat no matter its coat. According to me, the black wolf also brings good luck! Will you discover a rare ore or emerge victorious from a thrilling battle? Adventure on and find out! 

Ashen wolf  

Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, the ashen wolf... well, doesn’t really. It just spawns. But I like to think that it still signifies a beginning from an ending. What could that mean in Minecraft terms? An imminent respawn? Hopefully not. Just watch your step for a while, okay? 

Chestnut wolf 

There’s only one thing the chestnut wolf could signify... and that’s a snack in your future! Could be glow berries, could be a cake... or it could be an IRL treat coming your way. You know what, you might as well skip the wait altogether and grab a snack yourself. You deserve it! 

Rusty wolf 

The rusty wolf is a sign that you should practice an old skill that you’ve been neglecting... Is your aim not what it used to be? Are you stuck in a rut with your builds? Encountering the rusty wolf is sign you need to hone that skill, because you never know when it’ll come in handy! 

Striped wolf 

Meeting a striped wolf is a sign of an impending battle. Whether it’s a zombie waiting to pounce or somehow accidentally triggering a raid, you’re in for some exciting moments! So make sure your armor and weapons are in tip top shape, team up with the wolf, and get ready to earn some stripes of your own! 

Woods wolf 

The woods wolf beckons you to adventure! Forests are mysterious places where excitement can hide behind every trunk, and this wolf is inviting you to explore it, and beyond! Will you answer the call, or will you let adventure find you? Either way, make sure to give your new friend some solid armor because excitement often brings danger... 

Spotted wolf 

The spotted wolf is the wildcard of the group, much like its delightfully chaotic coloring! If this wolf were a player, I imagine it would dig straight down all the time, so expect anything after bumping into this furry friend. Or even better, cause some chaos of your own with your new spotted companion! 

Snowy wolf 

The snowy wolf brings a calming presence, and you can’t help but think about snuggling into its warm yet icy mane and drifting off into a peaceful slumber... It could be a sign that you should take a break, maybe even find a cozy place to watch the snow fall? An IRL nap is always delightful too... 

A... hairless wolf?! 

That’s no wolf, that’s an armadillo! And it bears a cryptic message: sometimes, you can roll into a ball and still be blocky. Is there a hidden meaning behind it? How did I get all that just from looking at an armadillo? Ponder that while you brush your new friend so you can give your other, furry friend a shiny new set of armor. 

And there you go! A completely made-up interpretation of what each wolf encounter means from the caffeine-fueled mind of a dog-obsessed writer. Now venture forth and see which wolves (or armadillos) you bump into! 

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