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Armor Trims Coming to Minecraft 1.20

Wear your adventures on your sleeve!

The latest Minecraft 1.20 addition is ready to be revealed, so without further ado let me present: armor trims! Armor has always been an important part of Minecraft, mainly because there are so many ways in which you can get hurt. Hostile mobs, steep cliffs, nighttime in general – the list goes on. Armor has protected you for years, and now it’s going from merely functional, to fashionable, too!

Armor trims are patterns for your armor that allow you to personalize your armor, add flair, and show off your Overworld travels! They come in 11 different patterns that you can dye in 10 different colors. To trim your armor, you need to hunt down a smithing template - a new required ingredient for making upgrades at the smithing table. These can be found all over the worlds of Minecraft, so get ready for some inter-dimensional adventures if you want a complete set! Some of the armor trims reflect the place where you found the template, for example bastions contain a piglin-inspired trim. Craft your trims on the smithing table, and then dye them using gems and ingots like diamonds, copper, and netherite! 

You’ll be able to try out armor trims in this week’s Java Snapshot. We are working hard to get them into Bedrock betas and previews as soon as possible, so stay tuned to our Twitter channel and for more information! If you’re new to snaphots, betas, and previews, or you’re not sure how to get them on your game, then check out these instructions for walkthroughs on all platforms. 

Let’s take a minute to admire the armor trims, but also the secret library that I am still camping out in. This place is awesome, and it has everything a bookworm could want, even a vintage, probably hand-printed magazine – The September Issue. This glamorous magazine is filled with Minecraft fashion tips and tricks, including a trendy tell-all with supermodel of the Overworld, Steve.

I also had no idea that was once available in print. “Once” might actually be the key word here, which makes it that much more exclusive. Whoever this editor was, they were clearly a fashion genius. Creepers modelling the garments? Couture. Croquis drawn in crayon? Inspired. Lava burns on half the pages? Trés avant-garde. 

I am going to create an appendix that details the fabulous flair that armor trims are bringing to Minecraft. Have fun creating new fits for yourselves in this week’s Java snapshot and the upcoming Bedrock beta and preview!

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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