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Story Mode Season 2 trailer!

Plus a guide to the folks you’ll meet!

Story Mode Season 2 launches on July 11! If you’re not familiar with Story Mode, it’s a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure set in the Minecraft universe, full of high drama, plucky underdogs, legendary heroes, dastardly villains, incredible peril and perky pigs. Logically enough, Season 2 follows on from Season 1, with players once again filling Jesse’s cuboid shoes, and with a host of familiar faces in tow - but new players should be able to jump right on board!

I had a chat with Season 2’s lead writer, Eric Stirpe, to get the lowdown on the new and returning characters! Set the scene for us, Eric!

Life has changed a lot for Jesse and the gang since the first season of Story Mode. They've got jobs, responsibilities... and there's just not as much time for adventuring these days. Life is still fun of fun and excitement but it's not quite the same as it used to be. Petra worries that they're in a rut, and often tries to convince the gang to join her on adventures like they used to. Jesse is trying to figure out her priorities, but it's about to get even more complicated… Eric Stirpe

When Jesse’s hand gets stuck in a cursed gauntlet, events begin to spin out of control, threatening her new life and old friendships. Something out there - something very old, and very powerful - has heard the name Jesse, and wants to know just what kind of hero she is. (Or what kind of hero he is - you get to choose which Jesse you play in Story Mode!)

“Unlike the Witherstorm, which just wanted to devour everything in its path, Jesse's new foe is very intelligent and very, very powerful,” says Eric. “Luckily Jesse's also got plenty of allies, old and new, who will be joining her as her quest takes her to the ends of the earth.”

So let’s find out what Eric has to say about Jesse and the new crew you’ll meet in Episode 1!


“After she saved the world from the Witherstorm, lots of people wondered what Jesse would do next. In truth, she's kinda still figuring it out. Torn between adventuring with her friends and her duties as Beacontown's ‘Leader and Hero-In-Residence,’ Jesse's got a lot on her plate these days.”


“A fearless warrior and on-again/off-again mercenary, Petra is the most loyal friend you could ask for. She doesn't like that the Order of the Stone is settling down and seems to be itching to get on the open road again. Her eye for adventure tends to get her in trouble sometimes, but she knows Jesse always has her back.”


“The Velvet Tornado, the Iron Sword of Muuji Bay, the Stab-Walker... Jack has been called many names by many, many people. A once-legendary adventurer and treasure hunter, he got out of the game ages ago to run a map shop with his best friend Nurm. With a past full of both outlandish stories and dark secrets, he'll prove to be a mighty new ally for Jesse and the gang.”


“A Villager from the valley of Pur'gan-Gah, Nurm had never quite fit in. Unlike his friends, he had a secret dream of adventuring far beyond their quiet village and seeing the world. It wasn't until he met Jack that he finally took a chance and the rest, as they say, is history.”


“No one is sure whether someone hired Radar to be Jesse's intern or if he volunteered, but one thing's for sure: He loves his job. Super organized (if a little high-strung) he is always eager to help Jesse with anything and everything she needs.”


“The leader of Champion City, Stella has been embroiled in a bitter rivalry with Jesse for months... or so she seems to think. Although her ego and jealousy can sometimes get the better of her, she really does want to make the world a better place. Deep down. Deep deep down.”


“Lluna was born with an innate gift for sniffing out treasure and a talent for getting into trouble. As stubborn and headstrong as her owner Stella, she's always running off from her lavish home in Champion City in search of some new bauble.”

That’s hardly the whole cast, either! Jesse’ll meet many new friends and foes this season, and a few figures from her past might just pop up, too. Who will you be best buds with? Who will you annoy the heck out of at every opportunity? Story Mode puts the power of friendship in your hands... and occasionally life and death decisions to! So, Eric - not saying it will happen in Season 2, but if you were forced to 'porkchop' one of the characters above, which would you pick?

If you had asked me a few months ago, I would have said Stella but we've got some really great plans ahead for her so I don't want to do that... Maybe Nurm if it were a noble sacrifice? No, I like him too much, too... It would be very sad if anything happened to Radar, because he's adorable... Hm. I'm afraid I don't have an easy answer for this one. Eric Stirpe

Wow. What an epic dodge. Marsh will remember this.

Marsh Davies
Marsh Davies

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