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A zombie wearing a full set of golden armor, standing in a cherry grove biome and surrounded by pink petals, with a bright orange sunset in the background.

Minecraft 1.19.4 Pre-Release 4

A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

We are now releasing the fourth pre-release for Minecraft 1.19.4. This pre-release contains bug fixes, some cherry texture tweaks, and a button in the options menu to view the game credits.

Happy mining!


  • Added "Credits & Attribution" button in the Options menu 

Technical Changes

Display entities

  • When a new interpolation is started, it now starts from the current state instead of the final state

Changes to Experimental Features

  • The textures for the Cherry Tree Leaves and Cherry Sign have been updated

Fixed bugs in 1.19.4 Pre-release 4

  • MC-172305 - Some words within "/clear" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-193497 - Tall Grass & Large Fern are rendered incorrectly when an Enderman is holding them
  • MC-210816 - Sculk sensors are not activated upon breaking shulker bullets
  • MC-211071 - Some words within "/spreadplayers" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-255060 - Some words within "/function" and "/schedule" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-255087 - Some words within "/worldborder" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-256270 - Some words within some multiplayer command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-257784 - Some words within some realms strings are always pluralized
  • MC-259259 - Hostile mobs can't replace armor they're wearing with better armor
  • MC-259603 - The "selectWorld.gameMode.hardcore.info" string displayed within the create new world GUI is improperly capitalized
  • MC-259610 - Gamemode information strings consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • MC-259637 - Natural spider potion effects still last max int instead of infinity
  • MC-259702 - The "death.attack.hotFloor.player" string is missing an article before the word "danger"
  • MC-259714 - Death messages relating to dragons' breath aren't possessive
  • MC-259715 - The "death.attack.message_too_long" string is missing an article before the word "message"
  • MC-259792 - The "selectWorld.experimental.message" string is missing a serial comma
  • MC-259853 - block_display transform breaks when shearing
  • MC-259896 - item_display has a wrong default value
  • MC-260068 - The sounds of using brushes don't show any subtitles
  • MC-260196 - Entities don't recognize decorated pots as obstacles when pathfinding
  • MC-260214 - Entities will often spin while pathfinding on top of decorated pots
  • MC-260215 - Water within waterlogged decorated pots doesn't flow
  • MC-260265 - Lighting does not transform with display entities
  • MC-260285 - Applying an identical transformation will result in the previous interpolation repeating instead of having no effect
  • MC-260321 - Sniffers in the distance have lots of Z-fighting on their body
  • MC-260429 - The texture of the Cherry Sign post has an inconsistency with the other Signs
  • MC-260497 - Villager trade button interferes with the slider
  • MC-260642 - tall_grass and large_fern display gray as block_display entities
  • MC-260681 - UI click sounds in Create New World menu tabs are louder than they should be
  • MC-260735 - You can block falling anvils and dripstone with a shield
  • MC-260764 - Right-clicking will focus text fields
  • MC-260765 - Right-clicking will move packs in the pack edit screen
  • MC-260774 - Players are kicked from server environments due to chat message validation failures when attempting to type in chat after having previously altered chat settings

Get the Pre-release

Pre-release are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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