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Glide Giants Track Pack Swoops In!

A trio of new DLC tracks land on console!

Usually, being too small isn't much fun. You can't go on the best funfair rides, you can't help yourself to sweets from high shelves and people never say, “Wow, you're extremely tall! Here, have some free money!”

But the creative team behind our awesome Glide Mini Game don't see being small as a bad thing. On the contrary, it's inspired them to shrink you down to size for their latest trio of Glide tracks! The title 'Giants' doesn't describe you, see, but the world around you now that you're a miniscule Minecrafter gliding through gigantic environments and avoiding massive hazards!

The Giants track pack is available on console now as of today's massive update. Take a look at the screens below, along with some insights from David Keningale, the talented art director at 4J who helped bring them to life. No small feat! (Ha! Good one, me!)


“We've got three incredibly different tracks,” explains David. “The Mobs track is a big starting point. Everything feels massive – the landscape is big, the plant-life is big - it really gives you that Minecraft experience on a gigantic scale.”

They didn't call this track pack 'Giants' for nothing. As you can see from that screenshot, if you wanna swoop through that ring, you'll have to glide right by that Iron Golem's ear. Eep.


“A giant house with you as a tiny character,” explains David, describing a track that carries on the theme from Battle's bedroom-bsed track of the same name. “We've taken over a whole house this time. Basically, the house is a shambles. Pets have been running riot and you're flying through all of the chaos they've left behind. There are even sections where you can fly through a television and into Minecraft itself!”

A delightfully meta twist! And so much less risky than strapping wings to yourself and trying to play Glide in your own living room. (Seriously, don't do that. Learn from our mistakes).


Finally, the third new track takes you inside the human body! “And this is not a healthy individual!” warns David. “He's gross - full of viruses and junk food...”

But don't worry about losing your own lunch. “There were obvious routes we could've taken [when making] this – but on the grounds of decency didn't!” promises David.

“We still think we've made an exciting adventure through the human body. I wouldn't say it's completely anatomically correct but it does give you a reasonable experience of what it's like to be a microbe. I love it – so surreal and like nothing we've done before.”

So players shouldn't try to learn more about the human body from playing Glide then? “Definitely not educational,” agrees David. “Unless the education is not to eat too much junk food!”

Good advice! Check out the DLC pack for yourself on Console Edition today or have a gander at them in all their split-screen glory below.

Tom Stone
Tom Stone

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