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Dungeons: New Tower rotations

Experience new floors – every week!

With the release of Fauna Faire, Minecraft Dungeons’ third seasonal adventure, players have been able to take on the Tower in the good company of friends, family, and pets, toppling it together rather than solo. Today, we’re introducing some additional changes to our favorite mystery structure – weekly Tower rotations!

On Sunday (November 20), The Tower will begin to rotate more frequently than ever. From this date, weekly towers will offer fresh loot, improved floor presets, and some challenges (and bosses) you might remember from DLC missions!

We’ve invited Double Eleven game designers Christopher Nichols and George Rickard to explain why we are expanding the Tower and, more importantly, what can we expect from these new presets!

George: The presets will feature some brand-new biomes! Players can expect to find themselves in the warm oasis of Cacti Canyon, the harsh mountains of Windswept Peaks, or even the otherworldly fortress of the Broken Citadel. These all provide new and exciting challenges including puzzles, deadly terrain, and other conundrums for them to solve. These are some of the best floors we’ve ever made and hopefully, players will find them exciting to play!

Christopher: For example, in the Broken Citadel floors, players will be able to use lifts between fighting waves of mobs and they will encounter End pillars too. In the Windswept Peaks floors, you need to navigate some dangerous, elevated terrain, avoiding bursts of wind and open gates. In the Cacti Canyon floors, the gold Key Golem will make an appearance, alongside some traps.  

Additionally, we’ve added a couple of new boss encounters, such as the Tempest Golem and Ancient Guardian, which will be great fun and will change things up further.

Old presets have also been rebalanced. Why?

George: We felt that a few of the older Towers needed some love, so we re-visited their design, reworking mobs and floors to make them feel more in-line with some of our latest Towers. We’ve also had a re-shuffle of the bosses to avoid them reappearing too often.

Christopher: Some of the older Tower presets also felt quite tough and too similar. They're now more balanced, with less harsh difficulty spikes appearing at certain floors. The aim is to have a smooth difficulty curve with the difficulty getting gradually harder, rather than it jumping significantly. For any players that may have struggled with some of the older presets, they should find it worthwhile to revisit them in the future!

George: We’ve also made some changes to other bosses such as the Wretched Wraith, which are reflected in the Tower when you encounter them. The Tower’s never been in a better place (wherever that mysterious, magical place is) and it’s a great time to jump in, both for new & returning players!

Thank you both! Lastly, what are you most looking forward to with these changes?

George: The new biome floors with their puzzles and gameplay encapsulates our vision for the Tower! For the new Tower presets, I am excited to see the new biomes with their new floors and challenges coming into the mix.  

Christopher: Cacti Canyon is a particularly cool biome, so to see it brought into the Tower is great. As a big fan of the Key Golems, I am really looking forward to the gold one appearing within one of those. The Abyssal Monument is one of my favorite biomes, so to see the Ancient Guardian return and have a themed floor too is exciting!

Are you and your team ready to take on all the challenges that await you? Find out on Sunday, when you’ll be able to tackle the first new preset!

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