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Ari is standing in front of a crazy Piston machine they've just built on a beach.

Minecraft Snapshot 24w20a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

After some recent irregularities in our Snapshot schedule (public holidays, we're looking at you!) we're back to shipping on a Wednesday! Among other things, 24w20a includes a buff to the amount of Redstone Dust dropped by Witches, as well as a long requested change to make Piston sounds a tad more pleasing to the ear. We're also throwing 41 new bug fixes into the mix, because we like squashing bugs.

Happy mining!


  • Witches now always drop 4-8 redstone dust on death
    • This is to improve the viability of farms that utilize Witch Huts to obtain Redstone Dust
  • Improved player attribute and effect handling
    • Custom set base attributes are now kept when respawning
    • Active effects and modifiers are kept when changing dimension or winning the game
  • Updated credits


  • Updated Piston sounds to lower volume and attenuation
    • This was done to address the long-received feedback on the old sounds being too harsh and loud, creating very noisy redstone builds

Technical Changes

  • Data Pack version is now 44

Data Pack Version 44

  • dimension_padding jigsaw structure NBT tag was changed
    • Now it is an object with fields:
      • bottom the vertical padding at the bottom of the dimension, non-negative integer
      • top the vertical padding at the top of the dimension, non-negative integer
    • Can be written as a single non-negative integer instead to be applied to both top and bottom fields
      • e.g. both dimension_padding: 10 or dimension_padding: { bottom: 10, top: 5 } are valid
  • Data-driven enchantment field weight now has an upper bound of 1024
  • Data-driven enchantment field max_level now has an upper bound of 255


Entity Predicate

  • New option: movement_affected_by - optional Location Predicate
    • When present, adds requirements on a block at most 0.5 blocks below the entity which can affect its movement

Fixed bugs in 24w20a

  • MC-6431 - Status effects are lost when returning to the overworld from the exit end portal
  • MC-83590 - Armor attributes list can be too long
  • MC-137719 - The player's horizontal motion doesn't affect fired projectiles in certain situations
  • MC-179940 - Player's attributes reset back to default values upon respawning
  • MC-181604 - Exiting the end portal resets player attributes to their default values
  • MC-267230 - Hangul fonts are rendered with missing pixels
  • MC-268113 - the minecraft:generic.scale attribute is desynchronized when the player leaves the End dimension via an End portal
  • MC-268370 - Japanese CJK variants use the same diacritic
  • MC-268598 - The "weight" of skeletons in swamp biomes is too high causing less bogged spawns
  • MC-269036 - Bogged do not drop mushrooms when sheared with doMobLoot false
  • MC-269147 - Shearing a bogged spawns mushrooms at the bogged's feet
  • MC-269951 - When the gamerule "doImmediateRespawn" is set to true, the Wind Charged, Oozing or Weaving effects don't function for players
  • MC-270052 - Blur levels below 10% do not appear to actually work
  • MC-270301 - The fire protection enchantment applied to horse armor no longer decreases the duration of time the horse remains ablaze
  • MC-270539 - The blast protection enchantment, when applied to horse armor, no longer diminishes the knockback effect from explosions on horse
  • MC-270637 - maxentityCramming set to 0 prevents slime spawning from oozing effect
  • MC-271034 - List entries in the Social interaction menu are rendered over the background
  • MC-271168 - Demo timer does not respect "Text Background" setting
  • MC-271244 - Auto-save text does not respect "Text Background" setting in accessibility settings
  • MC-271360 - Horse armor and wolf armor are deleted when used on an armor stand
  • MC-271414 - Damage command at position applies knockback in random direction
  • MC-271462 - Buttons make the deactivation sound when pressed
  • MC-271468 - Game crashes with custom enchantment's "rotated_block_provider"
  • MC-271532 - Mace only loses durability during smash attacks
  • MC-271547 - Can't immediately sprint jump into a 2 block ceiling when standing next to it since 24w18a
  • MC-271566 - Game crash on insufficient "ammo_use" amount
  • MC-271574 - Inlining a painting variant causes players to disconnect when receiving entity data
  • MC-271583 - Soul speed no longer works through partial blocks
  • MC-271629 - Channeling doesn't work / "post_attack" effect requires enchanted item to be in the mainhand
  • MC-271636 - Attempting to modify NBT of killer rabbit throws unexpected error
  • MC-271678 - damage_item enchantment entity effect doesn't break items
  • MC-271715 - Crash when the sum of enchantments' weights overflow
  • MC-271716 - Fraction value provider allows division by zero
  • MC-271803 - Custom enchantment with very large max level causes game to hang after opening Creative inventory
  • MC-271853 - Random "Failed to store chunk" error
  • MC-271854 - Trying to generate new chunks crashes the server
  • MC-271863 - Crafter recipe gets stuck on an item with a similar recipe
  • MC-271881 - Soul speed doesn't soul make particles.
  • MC-271896 - Using Shift+F3+I on a villager crashes the game
  • MC-271937 - Strike a villager with channeling trident in thunder doesn't obtain the advancement "Very Very Frightening"
  • MC-271948 - Entering the Nether breaks the game

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Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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