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a serene pond

Minecraft Earth Challenge: 8x8

Thinking inside the box

It may be early in the week, but we can’t help but long for the weekend. Maybe we’re just terribly lazy and prefer to stay in bed? Or, it could be all the amazing builds we’ve received for our latest Minecraft Earth Challenge!  With a restriction of an 8x8 buildplate, the Minecraft Earth community tackled this challenge by crafting a wide range of builds, including statues, towers, and mysterious buildings to explore. Take PatientRock’s “Quiet Spot” for example. Who could possibly resist a relaxing time in such a perfect pond?

The best part? You can explore this build yourself!

PatientRock isn’t the only one who submitted builds to this think-within-the-box challenge. Below, we have a selection of builds chosen by the community as their favorites. Congratulations to Drexour, Frahst, Gurgensson, and bigboypants321 for putting a large amount of imagination into such a tiny space.


If you’d like to explore these build plates yourself, nothing is stopping you! Check every one of them here below!

Unlike the Limbo challenge from earlier this summer, where builders dug far into the ground for their builds, a fair number of entries took the opposite approach: reaching for the sky with towering creations.


As with the previous entries, this trio of builds are available for download. Try them yourself and journey to the top? 

With twenty-two builds submitted for this challenge, we don’t have room to feature them all here. But the good news is you’ll be able to check them all out on this challenge’s Discord channel, anytime. 

Have you been inspired by seeing our builders make a significant impact in such a small space? Our Minecraft Earth community always welcomes new builders to join in the fun as we head into the last few months of the year. Are you ready to get involved in our next Minecraft Earth Build Challenge? Join our Discord channel today and see what your fellow community members are creating next.


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