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Everything Aquatic!

A round-up of all our Update Aquatic coverage!

Gasp! Gasp! Gasp! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaasp!

Yeah, sorry about that – I'm just not used to getting fresh air in my lungs after so many weeks of underwater updates. Regular readers of this site will have noticed it's been overflowing with snapshots, betas and behind-the-scenes stories. Have a look through the gallery below for a taste!

So before we head off to San Francisco for GDC (which stands for Game Developers Conference and does not stand for Gorgeous Dudes Collective because it turns out Marsh was lying to me), we thought we'd make a handy hub of all our Update Aquatic coverage! Use the links below to navigate the hostile waters of our website and find the Update Aquatic stories you want:

That's it for now. But we'll have even more aquatic features pouring in very soon!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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