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The Wild Update is dropping tomorrow

Explore the flora and even the fauna!

With The Wild Update just one day away, it’s high time to start thinking about making friends with the new mobs. Like the winner of Minecraft Live’s 2021 mob vote! The allay loves music, collecting, and being the apple of your eye. There are also new biomes to discover, so let’s jump in and see what’s in store!

The mangrove swamp can only be described as MAJESTIC and FILLED WITH MANGROVES. But that’s not all! You’re not just getting a new wood type, you can now create naturally beautiful builds with mud as well. And thanks to the chests that the new type of boat will have, you can easily build a mud and mangrove base wherever your heart desires. Just imagine the accent colors it will add to a snow biome! Breathtaking. 

Don’t forget to take a good, long look at the new mobs too. Have you seen the tadpoles? Aren’t they adorable? I’m obsessed. But unlike me, they aren’t just cute but interesting as well! They are the first baby mob that isn’t a smaller version of their adult counterpart. The tadpole will grow up and turn into a frog, which also joins us tomorrow! There are three different frogs to find, and rumor has it that each one of them even produces a different froglight block . How do you get one of these elusive light sources? Well, the frog loves to eat the tiniest of slimes so what do you think happens if they come face to face with something similar? Find out for yourself tomorrow! 

Sofia Dankis
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