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Realms now easier to manage

Tweak Minecraft Realms settings from anywhere

Have you tried Minecraft Realms yet? It’s our in-house service that lets you host a Minecraft world for you and your friends and is available for both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. 

Realms is nothing new, but we’ve upgraded our tools to make it a little more convenient to manage. From now on, owners of a Realm can access and adjust their Realms settings (for console, PC, and mobile) by logging into a Minecraft profile at the top-right corner of Minecraft.net. You can set the name and description of your Realm, invite friends, change permissions, and switch out world slots.  

This new feature is especially useful for parents and guardians of younger crafters. You’ll no longer need to own a copy of Minecraft on your phone or computer to see what’s happening in your child’s shared Minecraft world and can check in on who’s been invited and how it’s being used.

Basically, everyone gets to keep their Realms just how they like it, and change who gets to poke around, from anywhere! It’s all very handy, and should work on any browser, including your phone or tablet.  

I’ve a lot of respect for lone wolves and appreciate the serenity of solo Minecraft moments, but I’ve always been a fan of playing co-operatively. And Realms makes that extremely easy. Likewise, there’s something special about a persistent Minecraft world that’s accessible to anyone at any time of day. Whether you’re destroying a friend’s hard work as they sleep (mean) or leaving messages for a special someone to find the next day (less mean depending on the contents of the message) it’s a dynamic, compelling way to experience Minecraft (at least for me!).

Have a great time on Minecraft Realms and enjoy fiddling with your settings with the new features!

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