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A pattern made out of several square Quick Play icons featuring various Minecraft blocks, including grass, brick, sand and more

Quick Play is coming to Java and Bedrock Edition

Jump back into your most recent worlds – straight from the launcher!

Are you tired of constantly clicking? Want to save your index finger strength for punching trees and setting off creepers? Well, good news! Because the Quick Play feature is here, and it makes returning to your most recent worlds as easy as, well... click.

Quick Play is a new feature in the Minecraft Launcher’s interface that allows you to jump straight into your most recently played worlds while skipping all the screens and menus in-between. Here’s how it works: Once you’ve played in a specific world, it will show up in the Quick Play bar when you return to the Minecraft Launcher. Just click on the world, and voilà... you’re in it!

The Quick Play bar has a total of five slots, so once they are all filled, playing a sixth world will cause the oldest world in the bar to be bumped off the list. If you want to make sure a world (or more) stays in the Quick Play bar, you can simply pin it, so that newer worlds won’t bump it down. 

This feature is available in both Java and Bedrock Edition and is enabled by default for your convenience (after all, we’ve already established your deep dislike of excessive clicking). However, if you miss the catchy rhythmic sounds of your mouse or want to check out the latest main menu splash text, you can disable it in the launcher’s settings.

All the data related to Quick Play is stored locally on your machine and is not saved anywhere else. Once you turn off the feature, all the Quick Play data will be deleted but your game worlds will of course remain unchanged.

And there you have it: Now you can spend less time clicking and more time in your favorite worlds! What are you even going to do with all that extra time? “Go outside”? Wait, come back!




How do I enable Quick Play?

You don’t need to enable Quick Play because it's turned on by default for both Java and Bedrock Edition. However, if you disabled it in the past and want to re-enable it, simply open the Minecraft Launcher, click “Settings” in the lower left corner of the window, then scroll down to “Quick Play” and click the box near the bottom of the window under the “Quick Play” heading to enable the feature.


Which versions of Minecraft support Quick Play?

Quick Play is supported in version 1.20 of Minecraft: Java Edition and version 1.20.60 of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition or later only.


How does Quick Play work?

The Quick Play bar displays your five most recently played worlds in the Minecraft Launcher for more convenient access. Once you play a specific world, it will show up in the Quick Play bar. Once the bar is full, the oldest world deeplink in it will be removed to make room for the newest. If you launch a world that’s in a lower position, it will be bumped back up to the first position.


What types of worlds can I join via Quick Play?

You can join single-player worlds, server-hosted worlds, and Realms-hosted worlds via Quick Play.


There are no worlds in my Quick Play bar. How do I fix that?

A world will only be displayed in the bar once you’ve played it after updating to version 1.20 of Java Edition and version 1.20.60 of Bedrock Edition. Every time you play a Minecraft world, it will bump the previous one down on the list.


Can I manually add worlds to Quick Play?

You can't manually add worlds to Quick Play at this time, but you can pin worlds that you want to keep in it. This will stop those worlds from being bumped down even as you play newer ones.


How do I remove worlds from Quick Play?

At the moment, the only way to remove worlds from the Quick Play bar is to play enough other worlds so that the worlds you don’t want there are pushed out. For example, if you want to remove the world that’s in the no. 1 spot, you’ll have to play five other worlds.


What else can I do with Quick Play?

You can customize the icons for the worlds in the Quick Play bar using different block art you can pick in the Minecraft Launcher.


Does Mojang Studios or Microsoft collect my data to provide Quick Play?

No, we don’t collect or store any data related to Quick Play. All the data required for the feature is stored locally and deleted if you disable the feature.


How do I disable Quick Play? 

To disable Quick Play, open the Minecraft Launcher, click “Settings” in the lower left corner of the window, then scroll down to “Quick Play” and uncheck the box near the bottom of the window under the “Quick Play” heading to disable the feature.


Does disabling Quick Play affect my worlds?

No. Disabling Quick Play will only remove the data related to the deeplinks the feature creates. Your worlds will remain safe and unchanged. 


We’re constantly working on enhancing Minecraft based on your input! Have thoughts on this new feature? You can always leave your feedback, submit bugs, or reach out to Minecraft support if you’re having trouble. 

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