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New On Java Realms: Players Vs Players

8 new maps for the competitor in you!

In the beginning, there was just the game world and Player 1. Player 1 thought it looked pretty cool, and immediately started beating up the wildlife. On Player 2’s arrival, there finally was a worthy adversary and things turned out the way you’d expect. Is this the natural state of gamerkind? I don’t have the answer to that question, but if you want some maps that will permit you to duke it out with family, friends and foes that you are on speaking terms with, have at thee!



by Dominexis, Wackyblocks & Urgle

Gladiator Games tosses you and your friends into a vicious world where everything is out to get you. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important when you’re chased by gremlins, zombies and giant worms, but as it turns out, Gladiator Games is actually about... the friends we make along the way! You see, when you are killed by a player you are sent to the pit, where you will face off against another dead player in a randomly selected challenge. If you lose, you are out, but if you win you will be brought back into the fray, now allied up with your former executioner! Gladiator Games believes that the strongest bonds are formed through bludgeoning each other with those giant-spiky-ball-chains-that-I-always-thought-seemed-real-impractical-to-use, and you have to admit it’s kind of beautiful in a way. 



by TheMalas 

If there’s one thing I learned from my video game education, it’s that smashing people's vases is socially acceptable if there’s valuable gemstones inside, and that you do not mess with the chickens. Tactical Gaggle is proof perfect of that second theorem. The chickens have definitely come home to roost, and they’re equipped with cryo yolk rifles, feather bolt weaponry and a huge assortment of egg launchers! Let’s not think too deeply about what it entails that the chickens are using their own eggs as ammunition here.



by Yeggs

Going off my experiences of shuffling through those airport gates, being tossed into a maze is enough to make anyone feel adversarial. Doubly so if the characters you’re forced to share armrest space with are the ones in this map! Amongst others we have the Rusher, who will off you in just one hit but has only one attempt to do so, the Confetti class which sounds fun in practice, but the cleanup afterwards is a pain, and the Troll, which uses a Spicy Baguette for a weapon. Personal preference here of course, but if there’s one thing that would turn me off of French baking, it’s the addition of chili.





by UnityLabs 


by Peepsibabe, Meddi & WelcomeHome 


by Peepsibabe, Meddi & WelcomeHome 


by UnityLabs 


by UnityLabs 



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