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Minecraft x Uniqlo Collaboration – Volume 2

A new customizable collection and a free skin pack!

Working from home has done a number on my sense of fashion. Not that I was serving looks before – several coworkers have described my day-to-day style as “horse girl meets goth Steve Jobs” – but wearing the same five plain hoodies on rotation has got me stuck in a (comfy) fashion rut.

It may be a while until I put on a shirt with even one button on it or pants that aren’t leggings. But there is hope. I was just told that the new Minecraft x Uniqlo Collaboration will start rolling out on March 15 (March 12 in China) – which is equally as comfy as my current attire, but actually looks cool.  

To celebrate this new collection, we are releasing Minecraft x UNIQLO Skins Vol 2! Wear your favorite Uniqlo x Minecraft apparel as you mine, craft, explore, or virtually hang out with friends. There are 15 skins in this free pack, so you can avoid the so-called faux pas of wearing the same outfit as someone else in your group. Or even better, wear the same outfit on purpose because it’s just one more thing in common to celebrate! That’s how friendship works, right? You can grab the pack for free right now on the Minecraft Marketplace.

But it doesn’t stop at the Overworld, oh no. There’s a new UT collection coming out for kids, including new Minecraft T-shirt and Steteco short designs. We’re also dropping new adult T-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags that you can customize with your favorite Minecraft characters and scenes at Uniqlo UTme! desks. Finally, I can stop pretending that my beloved Minecraft shirt is meant to be cutting off circulation to my arms. And of course, the customizable T-shirts are also available in kids’ sizes. You can check out the UT kids’ collection at Uniqlo retail and online stores worldwide. UTme! custom designs will be available soon in select stores. If you’re in Japan, you can go to the UTme! website to create your designs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to convince my friends (who are totally not bots) to virtually dress up (okay, they're not ALL bots) as a pack of skeletons with cool T-shirts.

Cristina Anderca
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