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Ari is running out of a Dripstone Cave filled with monsters with their pet Wolf, which is wearing Wolf Armor. An Armadillo is standing on the left-side of the screen, staring into the camera.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w51a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Update: Coming in hot, here is Snapshot 23w51b, fixing a crash in 23w51a.

We're now releasing Snapshot 23w51a, the first snapshot for Minecraft 1.20.5. This one comes with a present for your pet Wolf in time for the holidays - and the Armadillo.

Happy brushing!

Bugs fixed in 23w51b

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when the nametag of a player was visible during sleeping, swimming or dying

New Features

  • Added Armadillo, Armadillo Scutes and Wolf Armor


  • The Armadillo is a new passive mob that:
    • drops Armadillo Scutes periodically
    • drops Armadillo Scutes when brushed
    • spawns in Savannas
    • its favorite food is Spider Eye

Armadillo Rolling Up Behavior

  • Armadillo rolls up when it detects a threat such as:
    • a sprinting player
    • a player in a vehicle or mounted
    • undead mobs
  • It does not roll up when:
    • it is fleeing
    • in water
    • in the air or
    • on a leash
  • When an Armadillo is rolled up it does not walk, cannot eat, and will not be tempted by food
    • It will continue to scan for threats: if none are detected for 3 seconds, it will unroll

Armadillo Scutes

  • Armadillo Scutes can be used to craft Wolf Armor
  • They are dropped by Armadillos
  • Dispensers can be used to brush Armadillo Scutes off Armadillos

Wolf Armor

  • Using Wolf Armor on an adult tamed Wolf will equip the armor on the wolf.
  • Only a Wolf's owner can put a Wolf Armor on their tamed Wolf, and with this in mind; Dispensers cannot put Wolf Armor on wolves.
  • Wolf Armor gives the same protection as Diamond Horse Armor.
  • Using Shears on a Wolf that is wearing armor will make it drop the armor
  • Only a Wolf's owner can shear a Wolf Armor from it, and with this in mind; Dispensers cannot remove Wolf Armor from wolves.
  • If a Wolf dies while wearing armor, it will drop the armor.


  • Renamed scutes that come from Turtles to Turtle Scutes
  • Llamas and Shulkers are no longer able to destroy armor stands

Technical Changes

  • The Data Pack version is now 27

Data Pack 27

  • Llamas now use a new damage type spit instead of mob_projectile
  • FactorCalculationData has been removed from mob effect instance tags
  • Added generic.scale attribute that can be used to rescale any living entity
  • Player reach distance can now be controlled with the generic.block_interaction_range and generic.entity_interaction_range attributes
  • The maximum number of blocks that an entity can step up without jumping is now controlled by the generic.step_height attribute

Experimental Features


  • Added a new 'whirl' idle sound
  • Added a 'charging up attack' sound
  • Added a sound that plays while the Breeze is in the air
  • Added a projectile deflection sound
  • Tweaked existing sounds

Trial Spawner

  • The Trial Spawner now has the same two default loot tables as they have in the Trial Chamber

Fixed bugs in 23w51a

  • MC-130244 - When opening chat in F1 mode, previous messages aren't visible
  • MC-153643 - Debug overlay is rendered behind hotbar items
  • MC-167375 - Baby turtle subtitles are grammatically incorrect
  • MC-173672 - Title text renders in front of player names in player list
  • MC-184066 - Respawn anchors don't produce an ambient sound
  • MC-184622 - Sound for exiting a portal/travelling to another dimension does not use its subtitle string despite it existing in en_us.json
  • MC-185379 - Baby polar bear subtitle does not explicitly mention it comes from a baby polar bear
  • MC-187267 - Title text renders in front of sidebar
  • MC-187372 - There is no space between fps limit/vsync and graphics level in the debug screen
  • MC-193511 - Title text renders in front of narrator text
  • MC-193515 - Boss bar text renders in front of narrator text
  • MC-193517 - Boss bar text renders in front of sidebar
  • MC-193521 - Boss bar text renders in front of F3
  • MC-193524 - Boss bar text strikethough/underline renders on tab list
  • MC-193753 - Respawn anchor ambient sound subtitle refers to it as a portal
  • MC-194948 - Block breaking subtitle inconsistent with painting, item frame and lead breaking subtitles
  • MC-198787 - Inefficient streams in GoalSelector
  • MC-198963 - Chat text renders in front of player names in player list
  • MC-219899 - Bone meal used on rooted dirt causes the particles to appear above it, despite the growth being below it
  • MC-238242 - There is an unnecessary black pixel in the upper right corner of small potion UI icons in the inventory
  • MC-248961 - takenDamage for achievement criteria is calculated wrongly when the player has equipped a helmet
  • MC-249335 - Using bone meal on mangrove leaves spawns growth particles at the center of the block instead of below it
  • MC-251027 - Wearing a helmet doesn't reduce the damage of falling anvils or stalactites by 1⁄4
  • MC-252409 - Memory statistics within the debug menu contain some unnecessary spaces
  • MC-259587 - Negative item durability causes the durability bar to render incorrectly
  • MC-261577 - The nether portal overlay is rendered completely opaque when using spyglasses while standing inside of nether portals
  • MC-263256 - Chat renders on top of TAB, blocking information
  • MC-265541 - player.dat_old won't be read even if player.dat doesn't exist
  • MC-265669 - Hotbar text renders above subtitle background but under subtitle text
  • MC-265835 - The freezing effect is rendered totally opaque when using a spyglass
  • MC-266055 - Opening or closing a copper door or trapdoor while holding an axe / honeycomb grants wax-related advancement
  • MC-266135 - Cached macro commands ignore permission level, allowing limited permission escalation
  • MC-266136 - Macro commands ignore function-permisson-level server setting, including when lower than default
  • MC-266144 - Copper Doors are not part of the #doors item tag
  • MC-266145 - Copper Trapdoors are not part of the #trapdoors item tag
  • MC-266308 - Copper Bulbs have unused "turn_off" sound
  • MC-266334 - Shulker bullets destroy armor stands
  • MC-266389 - Glow berry particles are barely visible when bonemealed
  • MC-266430 - Breeze on top of a non-full block produces particles of the block below it
  • MC-266432 - Exposed, weathered and oxidised copper bulbs are unwaxed in trial chambers
  • MC-266469 - When attacked, breezes sometimes stop pathfinding, jumping, or firing wind charges
  • MC-266524 - Breezes sometimes get the zoomies after jumping
  • MC-266533 - Breeze's AI has serious flaws in open terrain
  • MC-266589 - Armor durability is changed when swapping on creative
  • MC-266628 - High polling rate causing stuttering
  • MC-266680 - The glowing outline isn't applied to the eyes or eyebrows of breezes
  • MC-266685 - The entity shadows of breezes are too large in relation to the size of their models
  • MC-266688 - Breeze model's glowing eyes are not resource pack-friendly
  • MC-266738 - Subtitles string "subtitles.block.trial_spawner.spawn_mob" is misleading and inconsistent
  • MC-266879 - Clouds, entity hitboxes, block outlines, specially rendered blocks, and enchantment glints, render through the insides of breezes' eyes and eyebrows
  • MC-266960 - Bossbar text renders in front of player list background and player icons
  • MC-266990 - Maps with the same 'map' tag value, but different 'display' tag data can cause markers to disappear
  • MC-266999 - Crafter's tooltip buttons can still be visible to players on spectator mode
  • MC-267193 - A function with /return fail run in chat doesn't indicate failure
  • MC-267194 - /return run function in combination with a fork and a function that doesn't return has inconsistent behavior

Get the Snapshot

Snapshots are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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