Lots of minecraft zombieis behind the info for the Afterparty

Minecraft Live Afterparty!

After the party is the... afterparty!

You already likely know that this Saturday, October 16 is Minecraft Live. But did you know about the afterparty? Join us on the Minecraft Live Discord directly after the show on our Stage channel for live reactions about all the exciting things we just saw!

And it’s not just staff members who will be featured on the show – we've got a handful of exciting community members joining us as well, including streamers, TikTok creators and YouTubers. Check out Tinker77, WildWestDan, Cosevie, JacQuánStanley, and Skycaptin5 ahead of the show if you want to learn more about our special guests.

Tune in and listen, or chime in with your own thoughts! You don’t have to be a member of the Discord to join, so lurkers are welcome.

We hope you enjoy Minecraft Live, and hope to see you afterward!

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner