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Minecraft Earth: Wild West Challenge

Put the horses in the back!

All aboooooard! We’re taking a journey into the wild, wild west, courtesy of our latest Minecraft Earth builders happening – the Wild West Challenge. This challenge provided the community an opportunity to put on their virtual cowboy hats and horse around during the month of May and reimagine the western days of old times.

Every worthy adventure usually has a charming sidekick, and Comte de Goose’s Sheriff Goose is no exception. This one accompanies us around the Wild West and into the imagination of our Minecraft Earth community. Let’s go!

Although we saw many terrific taverns among the challenge submissions, [REG]Alexis986 took a different approach by creating an all-in-one building. Aspiring sheriffs can complete with a wide range of lessons from social activity training to mastering gunfights and duels in style.

Ready to get involved in our next Minecraft Earth Build Challenge? No special training is required! Join our Discord channel and see what your fellow community members are building today!

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