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Introducing Minecraft Plus!

The latest cutting-edge technology is available now!

Today is a big day. I am finally allowed to reveal what Mojang Studios has been working on for the last two decades. It started as a passion project but when the higher-ups got wind of it, it was quickly re-classified as Top Secret and Top Priority. Nothing has ever come close to that tier, except for my job application.  

The dedicated team behind this project have drawn inspiration from the tech greats that walked so that Minecraft could sprint. Charles Babbage. Grace Hopper. Clippy. The list goes on, but don’t take it from me. I managed to procure an exclusive, candid, and most revelatory quote from one of the minds that make up this think tank.

Stop bothering me, there are still screens in dire need of saving.

Bartosz Bok, Java Developer

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the future of technology. The cat that is about to leap out of this bag is the pinnacle of innovation, the apex of ingenuity, the very definition of cutting-edge. Reader, get ready for Minecraft Plus! 

I can’t believe it’s finally here. All these glorious screen savers are finally available for Windows 7 and above, and for free no less. Our altruism knows no bounds. Get your own copy of Minecraft Plus! here! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to move my cursor to the top right corner of my screen so I can get back to gazing at these floating glow squid. 

Sofia Dankis
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