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Glow squid swim into Bedrock Beta

Now illuminating waters on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android!

The Overworld’s waters are dark and scary. Well, unless it’s daytime or you’re using a potion of night vision – then they’re actually quite homey and well-lit! That’s a terrible introduction though, so for the sake of exposition and drama, let’s imagine they are dark and scary. What could help remedy this problem and make Minecraft’s waters feel more secure? 

Meet the glow squid: the shiniest, glowiest thing in Minecraft since Jeb accidentally dyed his beard with phosphor. Originally hailing from Minecraft Earth, this majestic mob managed to defeat both the moobloom and the iceologer in a hair-raising vote to become our next inhabitant of the Overworld. It recently made its way into our Java snapshot, and now it has set its eyes on the Bedrock beta. The squid uprising has begun! The future is... bright?

“The glow squid is definitely the most well-lit water mob in the game,” says Cory Scheviak, Gameplay Developer on the Vanilla team, “and it’s also tied for the most squid-like mob in the game with the squid. The glow squid is a variety of squid that only lives in cave lakes, supplying those dark and gloomy depths with a much-needed burst of emissively lit goodness.”  
Much like their squid counterpart, the glow squid gleefully darts through the water at varying angles, always traveling in a straight line wherever they go. Though they themselves do not have many behaviors, Cory reassures us that the glow ink sacs they drop have several uses! 

“Glow ink sacs can be used to turn the text of any sign from dark to always-lit, and they can also be crafted into glow item frames, which allow any item or map placed within to be well-lit in even the darkest of situations.” 

So many ideas, so much potential! I can figuratively feel light bulbs light up above my head.


To join the beta and test features such as the glow squid on our Bedrock-supported platforms (Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android versions), we recommend you read our guide “How to join (and leave) a Minecraft beta”. 

Once in, you need to enable the "Experimental Features" toggle on the world you wish to test. Make sure to create a backup of your world before you try it out, as betas can be unpredictable and make worlds incompatible with future versions. 

If you encounter a bug, please report it using our issue tracker, and for a more complete and nitty-gritty list of what is included in this beta update, please check out our changelog!

Enjoy swimming with the glow squid!

Per Landin
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