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Festive Favourites Free Again!

Check the Marketplace for free treats this weekend

Over the last couple of weeks, our amazing community creators have been giving away Minecrafty goodness - maps, skins and more - one each day, free for 24 hours, during the 12 Days of Minecraft.

The season of giving may have come to an end, but we just can’t bring ourselves to stop! In defiance of basic numeracy, in defiance of the orbit of the Earth round the Sun, in defiance of TIME ITSELF... we declare that the 12 Days of Minecraft aren’t over until we say they are!

And so! Yesterday we asked you to vote on which of these seasonal treats would you most like to see made free again. I’m pleased to say that from now (ish) until midnight on Sunday 7th January 2018, you’ll be able to grab the following goodies for free:

Norse Mythology Bonus Skins

by 4J Studios

Mid-winter festivities may be officially over, but this mini-horde of Vikings plans to party on till Ragnarök. These aren’t the sort of Norsefolk who’ll put down their tankard of glög just because the calendar tells them so. Skål!

Lost Civilisation

by Blockception

Blockception bring back their Machu Picchu-inspired map with a sprinkling of seasonal snow! Massive crags, ancient cities and snowball fights in the dense jungle await - now with a fresh frosty coating!

Santa's Gift Hunt

by Polymaps

This minigame map sets you a festive challenge! Santa is poised to make his Christmas deliveries, only to discover that one of his helpers has been decidedly unhelpful and hidden all the gifts. You just can’t get the elves, these days, can you? Help him locate all the pressies before Christmas is ruined!

Happy New Year!

We may be able to bend the fabric of time and space to our will, but no one can escape the terrible gravity of legal requirements, so please enjoy this disclaimer: Content exclusive through promotional period only. You can only obtain one copy of each free gift per account. Requires Minecraft base game (sold separately).

That’s it! We hope you had a smashing holiday and an amazing 2018!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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