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The Discovery Update: on Pocket and Win 10 soon

Llamas, shulkers and more! Android beta coming soon!

What could follow The End? The Epilogue Update? The Appendix Update? The Bit Where We Thank Our Cat Update? No! These things would imply that our work on Minecraft is coming to a close. It couldn’t be farther from the truth! (Although we are eternally thankful to our cat. You complete me, Mr. Mittens.)

In fact, there’s loads and loads more coming in 1.1, aka The Discovery Update! Android users can get a taste of what’s on its way with the beta that we are opening up for testing in the near future. We're not ready to open the beta up quite yet, but as soon as we are we'll let you know! Promise!

It’s not called The Discovery Update for no reason: there are many mysterious and wondrous things to uncover. Barter with a cartographer for a treasure map, sling your supplies into a llama’s pack (or into a shulker box) and embark on an epic quest to locate the dank and dangerous forest mansion! Does your route take you across an impassable river? The Enchantment of Frostwalking will solve that problem! Meanwhile, the Enchantment of Mending will keep your swordblade sharp no matter how many mobs you slay along the way. Defeat the sinister illagers who lurk within the mansion and make off with their precious loot - the Totem of Undying - and cheat death as you throw yourself into further peril!

Crafters looking for a more sedate pace of discovery will be pleased to hear you can now dye beds, smelt ingots, and build with the fancypants new blocks: glazed terracotta and concrete. And those with an even more experimental inclination, will find the expansion of Add-Ons to their liking: you’ll now be able to remix mobs’ movement properties!

And these things are just the start - we’ll be revealing even more of the Discovery Update’s secrets in the coming weeks!

Exciting times ahead!

Marsh Davies
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