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An image consisting of two halves: one screenshot of the Minecraft Legends player character petting a group of animals, and a screenshot of Battle View showcasing the new structure health bar feature

A major update and a new Lost Legend

Minecraft Legends’ first title update is here alongside the Crucible!

Vacation season may be on its last legs, but the free Minecraft Legends content keeps coming! This month brings a lot of it, because we’re releasing the first major update for Minecraft Legends, with exciting enhancements and brand-new features – many of them very practical, and an unbelievably cute one. As if that wasn’t enough, August’s Lost Legend poses one of the most intense challenges yet with the Crucible! 

Minecraft Legends: Title Update 1

We’ve put out several updates for Minecraft Legends since its release in April, thanks to our player community’s feedback, bringing a variety of enhancements and fixes to the game. This month, we’re very excited to release the first major update for Minecraft Legends! Based on our players’ feedback, we’ve made a number of significant changes to both the game’s campaign and PvP and added some features to make gameplay smoother. This update:

  • Improves PvP communication by adding more types of world map markers (Attack, Defend, Gather, and Default) that will also be displayed in the chat log. Players can also communicate when placing structures, e.g. saying that they intend to build a specific structure or requesting that another player do so. Other players can then agree, disagree, or suggest an alternative.

  • Introduces lobby roles, which players can now select to indicate their preferred playstyle to team members. You can choose from Builder, Explorer, Fighter, Piglin Hunter, and Flexible (the default option). 

  • Adds Custom Campaign and Custom Versus experimental modes that allow players to modify the game based on the experience they want. You can alter the properties of the world itself (in terms of size, resources, gravity, and more), the resources you begin the game with, the player character’s stats, the hero’s tools (altering construction speed, unlocking/restricting melodies, and more), and the piglins. We will be adding more custom settings in the future, but hopefully this update will allow you to create some fun and surprising worlds. Don’t forget that since these are experimental features (and we haven’t been able to test every single combination!) you might get some very surprising results.

  • Introduces the ‘Auto Lure’ feature, which when enabled makes all mobs automatically follow the hero once they’ve spawned.

  • Adds structure health bars to Banner View as well as to specific battle scenarios, like when the player hits a piglin structure with their sword.

  • Improves the game’s prologue by streamlining its length (to almost half of what it used to be) and making it more action-packed. The prologue also now features updated objective messages, tooltips and mob descriptions, an enhanced Banner View tutorial, objective beacons, better map signaling, improved combat effectiveness for golems and piglins, and more. Players will also be able to fast travel to any village once they’ve defeated the first group of piglins in the prologue.

  • Introduces the ‘Pet Animals’ feature, which means you can now pet the adorable critters of the Overworld, including badgers, llamas, and many more. Plus, each animal will have a unique reaction to your display of affection!

  • Brings a variety of improvements to creeper behavior, resource visibility, player empowerment, mob pathfinding, Banner View, PvP accolades, and the game’s UI and HUD.

For the full list of new features and improvements, make sure to check out the patch notes. And in case you missed it, we also released another update for Minecraft Legends recently, which (among other things):

  • Improved matchmaking to get more players matched into games together 

  • Added the ability to damage piglin structures (except walls and portals) and bosses to the hero’s sword, and increased its damage against most piglins

  • Added health bars to enemy structures in Banner View

  • Increased build, deconstruct, gather, and clear netherrack speeds in Campaign

  • Added player objectives and goals to the game’s second act 

The team is constantly working on making improvements based on player feedback, so make sure you keep sending us your suggestions! We really appreciate them, and we hope that you’ll have fun checking out the changes we’ve made to the game so far.

This month’s Lost Legend will prove to be quite a challenge even for the mightiest of heroes. Inside the Crucible, there are nine chambers, each containing increasingly powerful enemies who will only be revealed once you’re inside. 

At this point you might be thinking this doesn’t sound too difficult, and you’d be very wrong. To emerge victorious from the Crucible, you must clear all the chambers, including the final boss at its center, within 30 minutes. 

Before entering each chamber, you must choose which types of allies you want to spawn to face the piglins inside it. Choose wisely, as you won’t know what enemies await in each room until you’ve entered it. If you’re defeated at any point in the Crucible, you will respawn in the first chamber with enough resources to make it back to where you despawned. Just make sure to use them wisely, especially now that you know what lies ahead!

Once you’ve claimed victory over all the piglins, you’ll receive the coveted Crucible Champion Hero skin, which not only looks really cool, but also shows other players and the Overworld that you’ve been through the gauntlet and defeated the vicious piglins inside it. Huzzah!!!

Do you think you can conquer the Crucible in 30 minutes? And what kind of setting combinations will you try in your game? Will you make yourself invincible or create an even greater challenge to tackle with your friends? Or maybe you just want to make the Overworld really, really weird? Tell us and your fellow heroes about your custom Legends experience and exchange strategy tips on our Discord, and make sure you stay up to date with @legends_game for the latest news.

Now that I’ve relayed all this cool stuff, I’m off to see just how weak I can make the pigmadillos after all the grief they’ve given my villages, but not before I finally pet a llama.

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