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Watch Story Mode S2E4’s trailer!

What’s “Beneath the Bedrock”? Find out in the new episode!

Get ready to dig into another episode of Story Mode, Telltale’s Minecraft adventure series! It’s out on November 7th. That’s next week!

If you aren’t familiar with Story Mode, it’s a Minecrafty drama where YOU get to choose what happens, what your character says, which friends you make along the way, and, sometimes, which ones you lose. Sob!

And the stakes are getting even higher for Jesse and the gang in season two! In the last episode, the team fell foul of the all-powerful Admin and were banished to the Sunshine Institute. The only way out is down, and so now Jesse and co must delve deeper into the world - and the Admin’s own past - in search of new allies and ancient weapons.

A dangerous, dark place awaits in the lowest reaches of the world, roamed by mobs, scavengers and at least one gigantic enderman. Will you be able to resist staring into those big lilac eyes? Find out next Tuesday!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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