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Villains descend on console today

Unleash your inner evil with these sinister skins!

Are the “villains” you see on this page really evil? Or are they just misunderstood? Some of them might just dig the edgy looks that villains traditionally go for but not actually perform evil deeds. It’s impossible to tell from a mere screenshot.

Don’t judge a crafter from their skin is what I'm trying to say here, kids. That's not the Minecraft way.

Anyway, back to the news. The Villains Skin pack arrives on console today! Pocket Edition and Windows 10 players - you already have access to this pack so don't be sad. Each of these skins is inspired by one of the most evil things in Minecraft - cakes, silverfish, trapdoors to name just a few. Pure nastiness incarnate. The pack features 17 skins and costs $1.99 or equivalent.

Click on the little arrows to see all the skins on offer then, if sufficiently impressed, log onto your console and buy the thing! As always, you can download a few of these for free, so get those in the download queue at least.

Have a good day, everyone! Don't be evil!

Owen Jones
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Owen Jones

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