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Scenes from the Overworld

Relax in Minecraft with soothing scene videos and wallpapers!

I am here to remind, nay – urge you to relax that mind and unwind for a moment. And lo and behold, I just happen to have some gifts that will help you with that!

We have created a series of videos that will turn any screen into a relaxing Minecraft moment. The Minecraft world may be filled with adventure, but it’s also somewhere to appreciate the beauty of the small things. Like heavy drops of rain falling on the leaves of a mangrove tree. Or how the soft snow drifts down to wrap the Overworld up in a bright, white blanket. Now you can find six soothing scenes in a playlist on our YouTube channel, listen to the serene soundscapes on Spotify, and download their matching wallpapers to your device!

Our writers are so devoted to their craft that they have sent postcards to help our readers answer the question – which soothing scene speaks to you? And if you feel compelled to answer, let us know in the comment section!

A new soothing scene – Cherry Groves

I’ve retreated to a land of eternal spring without any of the pollen-related setbacks. You’d love it here. Not a selfie stick, sunburn, or sniffly hay-fever-nose in sight! It’s just me, the cherry blossoms, and an endless sunset. Usually, when skies turn amber and that square sun edges towards the horizon, my heart starts racing in all the wrong ways (thanks zombies!) Not here. In this Cherry Grove, the only thing sneaking up on you are the charming sniffers on their way to dig up a seed or two. Now, that’s what I call a proper vacation! 

- Linn Viberg

Soothing Snowfall

Do you know what I love the most about the first snowfall of the season? The quiet that comes with it! When the zombies aren’t groaning, and the skeletons aren’t skeletoning, and a layer of powder settles over the Overworld, there’s a real sense of calm. I’d imagine that even the little rabbit footprints are quieter as they pad into snow. I’m writing this postcard to you watching the snowflakes come down. There’s something relaxing about that, too  (even if I’ve had one or two cows mastermind an escape using freshly spawned snow blocks!) No matter where in the world you are, or what you’re doing this year, I hope you find a calmness for yourself this festive period. And if your celebrations tend not to be tranquil, then at least you can carve out some serenity by watching this beautiful clip of the first snowfall of the year!  

- Sophie Austin


Quiet fireplace scene

If there’s anything I’ve learned from social media, it’s that 1) Almost nobody knows what “POV” means and 2) Foxes do NOT make good pets. They will scream all night, sleep all day, destroy everything you own, and they will never, ever be potty trained. And yet I still want one. Badly. Not even my Minecraft fox sanctuary will scratch that itch. 

You can imagine my delight (and relief) when I saw this ambient video and realized I don’t need to indulge my self-destructive need to invite a wild animal into my real-life home. I put this video on repeat on my TV and all of a sudden, I had everything I needed: a beautiful cabin reminiscent of the Minecraft base I’ve always wanted to build but don’t have the skill to; a roaring fireplace to make me feel warm inside and out; and finally, the pet I’ve always wanted without the life-changing consequences.  

If this is your dream too, then sit back, hit play, and enjoy the coziest video to ever grace your screen. Just remember to put it on repeat unless you want to be thrown into a completely different world courtesy of the Autoplay feature when it’s done.

- Cristina Anderca


Soothing Underwater Scenes

The ocean. Vast. Deep. Breath-taking. So breath-taking, in fact, that you should use a potent Potion of Water Breathing, should you ever spend time in one of the many underwater wonderlands we're blessed with in the Overworld. Because spending time here is what you should do! Few things can match the serenity of it that comes from marine life and the almost alien-like sounds that can be heard down here. Together they create a harmonious surrounding: Colorful coral blocks teeming with life, pufferfish puffing, dolphins playing curiously with items, and drowned gurgling aggressively as they swim after you with raised tridents in hand! It’s calm given liquid form! 

Alas, the process of obtaining the proper equipment to enjoy life beneath the ocean is a tough and time-consuming one in Minecraft. It’s during these times that we’re blessed with modern technology, when perfection is captured in the form of a perfect loop that puts you in the perfect mood for the holidays. Trade the pressures of daily life for some much-preferred water pressure and enjoy this tranquil scenery! 

- Per Landin


Relaxing Rainy Swamp

Greetings from the rainy swamp! I have made myself comfortable beneath a big mangrove tree and have been dozing in and out since I got here. The steady sound of the falling rain coupled with the watchful eyes of the frogs have put me in a state of such comfort, I may never leave. I always suspected it was my destiny to become a swamp creature, and I am very content to lean fully into this lifestyle. This swamp is big enough for the both of us, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy the pitter patter. 

- Sofia S’womp womp Sound Dankis


Tranquil Beach

Finally, with the writers out of our hair, the rest of the studio could also get some rest and relaxation. This beach is big enough for all of us. But please…don’t tell the Editorial Team where we are. From all of us at Mojang Studios, we want to wish you a relaxing moment, wherever you are! 

- Mojang Studios 


You can find all of the soothing scenes in a playlist on our YouTube page!

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