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Realms Plus: October

The latest maps, skins, and adventures from the Minecraft Marketplace!

Sweater weather, an abundance of apples, and overpriced (yet so yummy) pumpkin spice lattes. You guessed it – it’s October, the month when we all celebrate the weird and the wicked by dressing up in monstrous outfits and playing with spooky new content on Realms Plus. Not familiar with that second part? Shame, because we’ve just added five terrific pieces of content to Realms Plus for you to sink your teeth in. My lawyer told me to mention that I don't mean that literally. Let's check 'em out!

Docklands: Roleplay by Monster Egg Studios

By now, you’ve probably tried Minecraft roleplays in all sorts of places: bustling cities, ancient fantasy kingdoms, heck, even skyblock islands (is that a thing?). That is why Monster Egg Studios has created Docklands: a waterfront area full of fresh seaside scenarios where you can roleplay to your heart’s content. Whether you want to have a party at the beach or just tour the cruise ship, it’s sure to beat all your previous adventures – no offense to your skyblock adventures.

Anime Cool Teens by Black Arts Studio

Have you ever wanted to look like an anime character? Me too, we have so much in common! While I did put much effort into it, all the dyes and hairspray in the world couldn’t give me that perfect bishounen complexion. Good thing there’s Anime Cool Teens, a skin pack from Black Arts Studio that includes 14 whole skins inspired by anime culture. I would like to react with a OwO, but my superiors won’t let me.

Dragons by InPvP

“You don’t want to play with dragons!” is something my old knight mentor, Huberth the Dragonslayer, used to tell me. That was before I asked him to try Dragons by InPvP – and now he’s so hooked he is changing his name to Huberth the Dragonlover! Take to the skies together with one of six different dragons and explore a 400x400 custom world, complete with three castles and plenty of enemies to breathe fire or drop TNT on!

Teens! by Pixel Squared

Valentine’s Day may be far away (130 days to be precise), but love is definitely in the air when you put on the stylish skins in Teens! by Pixel Squared. Wear a unicorn onesie, something all black, or coordinate your style to match it with your best friend. My best friend thinks I have poor taste, so I’ll show him by calling dibs on that onesie!

The Haunted Neighborhood by PixelHeads

A fan of horror? Jumpscares? Making friends with monsters that want nothing but to end you? Then this story-driven adventure is just what you need to get into that Halloween vibe. This once-quiet neighborhood nestled neatly in the forest has suddenly gone dark, and it’s up to you to figure out why. An easy task, if it weren’t for the werewolves, ghosts, vampires, creepy clowns, and the Grim Reaper roaming the area. Tread carefully!

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