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Realms Plus: June

7 new maps and skins coming to Realms Plus in June!

June has arrived – and with it, the latest Realms Plus drop! What is Realms Plus? It’s Minecraft’s monthly subscription service that lets up to ten players enjoy over 90 pieces of the best content on the Minecraft Marketplace, from adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and more. Check out June’s summery adventures:

Tropical City Resort by Team Visionary

Missing the cool ocean breeze? Team Visionary’s Tropical City Resort brings the beach to your screen, just in time for summer! This pack features: 29 vehicles, a 32x texture pack, 38 custom animals, a detailed 2000x2000 map, nice plushie collectibles, 56 custom decor pieces, 80 skins (two of which are free), and four NPC shops.

Mutant Battle Arena! by Jigarbov Productions

Enter the Mutant Battle Arena and fight epic bosses with challenging mechanics! This pack even comes with a voice-acted adventure mode, different game modes (including PvP), unique weapons, and trophies.

Anime Academy by AriaCreations

Join the Anime Academy of your animated academic dreams! Attend school with your friends, then hop on your scooter and explore a huge beautiful city. Featuring 20 free skins, six quests, 250+ new textures, and custom furniture, sounds and vehicles, this immersive anime experience is filled to the brim with exciting content.

Crazy Car Tuning by Pixelbiester

Don’t settle for any boring old bucket of bolts! Buy your favorite car, customize it, upgrade it, paint it, and take it for a ride! Download Crazy Car Tuning and race for victory with your friends or roleplay in a beautiful city. Plus, you can also ride helicopters, planes, boats, and more! This atmospheric world introduces over 20.000 tuning options, a huge 1000x1000 custom map, and a full soundtrack.

Sports Day: Summer City by Blockception

Just because you’re sitting on your couch or at your desk doesn’t mean you should miss out on summer sports! Jump on your skateboard, roller skates, surfboard, bike, or scooter and explore the amazing city while listening to music from the live band!

Skyblock Collectors by Cubed Creations

Embark on a high-altitude, high stakes adventure as you collect resources and unlock new floating islands! Play by yourself or with friends – you have five free skins and 13 varied, exciting islands at your disposal.

Super Star Skin Pack by Nitric Concepts

Become famous with these celebrity outfits! Roleplay as a global superstar and rock the virtual stage – or simply let the others bask in your glory as you show off your new threads. This skin pack features ten luxurious business, pop star, and rapper outfits.

Want even more awesome creations? Head to our Realms Plus site for more content!

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