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New Minecraft Legends trailer

The battle heats up as the piglins bring the danger – and the derp

In June, we gave you the first peek at the Overworld of Minecraft Legends, the upcoming action strategy game set to expand the Minecraft universe. While it’ll be some time before we all get to play it, there’s also a lot to discover before you step into the hero’s boots – like the piglin-packed trailer we’re revealing at Gamescom 2022.

If you’re not familiar with the world of Minecraft Legends yet, you can catch up here. And if your device is already buckling under the weight of all its open tabs like mine, let me give you a very quick recap. The Overworld of Legends is a stunning and once-peaceful land that’s under the threat of the ravaging piglins – and it’s up to you to unite some new friends (and some older... acquaintances) to defend this world.

If the announce trailer left you wondering how big a threat the piglins really are, then get ready. While you'll need to experience the legend for yourself to see the piglins at their hungriest, our new Fiery Foes trailer will reveal even more of what you can expect when you pick up the hero’s banner:

If what’s going through your mind is an increasingly alarmed series of “what was that??!” rest assured that we'll have more to share in due time. But now you know that the piglins are much smarter than they look and even more dangerous – so you’ll need to be on your toes as you fight to save the Overworld. 

Until our next update, you can check out our first Minecraft Legends dev diary to learn more about how we’re making the game, meet some of the fellow Minecrafters behind it, and find out what badgers have to do with the fate of the world!

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