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Minecraft stickers out now!

Make conversations extra crafty on iPhone!

We love words here at! Especially the words 'foaming' and 'delicious' and 'hello' 'I' 'am' 'a' 'random' 'rich' 'person' 'please' 'have' 'all' 'my' 'money'. But amazing as they are, even words have limits. That's why we've created a new sticker pack, letting you chat with your friends on iPhone using the awesome power of animated stickers! Sorry words, but we've basically just made you obsolete. Wait, does that mean I'm out of a job?

From weepy Ghasts to disgruntled Creepers and pigs in minecarts, this packs contains Minecraft creations for every occasion. Exactly what occasion requires a pig in a minecart we're not sure - but that's where YOUR imagination comes in!

Take a look at the trailer above to see these animated stickers in action, or have a scroll through the carousel of all twenty-five below!

You'll find the sticker pack in the iPhone AppStore. Enjoy!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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