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Minecraft is launching on Chromebook. Early access version arrives today!

Minecraft is launching on Chromebook

Early access version arrives today!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we believe mining and crafting is even more fun when we can all do it together. That’s why we’re excited to announce that today, an early access version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is releasing on Chromebook*, featuring cross-device play with friends, access to Minecraft Marketplace, and the ability to play on Realms! While it won’t be available for everyone to buy yet (the full release will come later) it marks an exciting step towards making Minecraft more accessible to even more people.

What does “early access” mean?

Early access means that in this first stage, only selected Chromebook devices that meet the minimum requirements* will get the option to buy Minecraft, so you’ll have to check the Google Play Store to see if Minecraft is available for you. This isn’t because we want to single out some of our players as special (we love you all equally!) – it’s so we can test the game’s performance before we make it available to more players. 


Will there be bugs in the early access version?

Between now and the official launch date, we’ll be working hard to make sure that Minecraft runs smoothly on Chromebook. We’ll check that every creeper hisses, every glow-berry glows, and that every snow-topped mountain can spawn a screaming goat. We still expect that there may be some bugs, and that’s where we’ll need your help. If you come across any goat-eating frogsmilkable squids, or disco dancing Ender dragons, then please let us know! You can submit bug reports to us through the website, or send us a message on DiscordYour bug reports will help us refine the game’s performance, and are always an invaluable part of our testing process, whether we’re releasing a preview of future features, or, like we are today: launching Minecraft on a brand-new platform!


I can’t see Minecraft on my Chromebook yet! When will it be available for me?

We don’t have a confirmed release date for the full version of Minecraft for Chromebook yet, but once it's officially released, everyone with a compatible Chromebook will be able to download it from the Google Play Store


Will I be able to ride a camel on my Chromebook?

We can’t wait to share the upcoming Trails & Tales update with Chromebook users and make Minecraft playable across even more devices. The full version of Minecraft for Chromebook will feature the update once it has been released, meaning you’ll get to meet the new mobs, nab the new blocks, and journey in search of new biomes!

Plus because we believe that play is better together, you’ll be able to cross-play Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from your Chromebook with friends on any device! Share a camel ride with a companion, leave cryptic notes on hanging signs, or even go on a group hunt for sniffer eggs – the choice is yours. Join the excitement for the Trails & Tales update, and get ready to go on a journey of your own!

To see if your Chromebook device is included in the early access launch, check here. Our support site is also there to help you, and we’ll keep this page updated with any new information on the early access release, the official release date of the full version, and any important ongoing bugs. In the meantime, let’s all be on the lookout for flying squid! I don’t want to find them, but I also need to find them…

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