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Minecraft Dungeons Co-op Co-ord Builds

Say that three times fast!

Finally, the time has come for you to put your preferred platform feuds aside – you can now play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends regardless of what platform they play on! In the celebratory spirit of the free cross-platform play release, we have released the skins from our announce video so that you and your friends can reenact your favorite scenes from the trailer! Or, more likely, so that you can represent your platform colors in all their monochromatic glory. 

But now you’re thinking, how do you create the perfect coordinating builds to take on even the scariest of Minecraft Dungeons mobs? Look no further.

IF YOU LIKE… making (and stealing) a scene with your BFF

TRY: Melee focused builds that will make you the center of attention! 

Use the Stormlander hammer to smash your way to the center of the fight while your teammate picks off those who try to run with the Whispering Spear – a weapon that has a long melee reach. Good friends have each other’s backs, but best friends make sure that you never go alone into battle. Too bad that doesn’t fit on a BFF bracelet. 

But don’t forget, a build is much more than just your weapons! Make sure that your armor compliments your playstyle. For example, wearing the Guard’s Armor will give you a boost to your health, something that will come in handy once you’re in the thick of battle. 

CO-OP TIP: Try equipping your tank with Hero’s Armor, which will draw mobs to attack them more in battle, leaving your teammates free to hit them while they’re distracted. 

IF YOU LIKE… working out and working together

TRY: Taking control of the battlefield with special abilities and ranged attacks! 

The Fangs of Frost slash at your enemies while slowing them to a crawl, making easy targets for your teammate to take foes down with the Green Menace trickbow. Even though you’ll be far apart on the battlefield, they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I wonder who came up with that saying. Someone who preferred ranged weapons, probably. 

Of course, you should always consider your artifacts when constructing any combat build! Give your ranged fighter a bit more bang for your buck by equipping a Flaming Quiver, or boost your rogue’s speed with Boots of Swiftness. Personalize your build in countless ways to create the playstyle that’s best for you. 

CO-OP TIP: Some ranged weapons have additional abilities to boost your melee-based teammates, such as the Love Spell Bow, which can heal nearby allies. 

IF YOU LIKE… planning the group outings (and maybe the outfits too)

TRY: Playing with a full team of four! 

Watching your own build in action is great, so watching your entire team working together in battle is four times as powerful. There are endless possibilities of how you can coordinate your builds for the best co-op experience. Want to deck your entire team out in all-fiery gear to set the battlefield ablaze? Or maybe something a bit more chaotic is your style? 

Assemble your cross-platform team today and take on Minecraft Dungeons! Share your adventures and builds with us on twitter on @dungeonsgame or shoot us a message at scoops[a] with the title DUNGEONS CO-OP.

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