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Fauna Faire is open

Come one, come all to a Minecraft Dungeons party!

Tower-diving! Tresure-hunting in the jungle! Throwing away all your hard-thought Ancient Hunt gold on shady gambling merchants! The finest, festiviest gathering in the Overworld has arrived with a bunch of new activities in Minecraft Dungeons.

They say that the third time’s the charm, and the third seasonal adventure is certainly bringing some charm with a big line-up of animal-themed rewards and new activities. Welcome to Fauna Faire!

Experience a new, improved Tower that has been expanded from solo trial to a multiplayer adventure. This new format is all about collaboration, so make sure to build a tight-knit team with up to four players and put your synergy to the test! And if you need a bit of practice before you try to topple the Tower, head over to the Jungle Island to get some training (and new gear!) in the secluded Treetop Tangle mission.

Every faire also has its own unique set of stands, and Fauna Faire is no different. Many players have heard rumors of the so-called “Enchantsmith", and now, this cunning artisan has made a grand entrance to offer their services to the Heroes’ Camp. Re-roll gear properties for a chance to improve your enchantments! 

Last, but certainly not least, are the champions of the update: the pets of the faire! They waddle, they twaddle, and you will certainly coddle them; Fauna Faire has penguins, cats, ferrets, raccoons, red pandas, and plenty of other companions waiting for you as you progress through your Adventure Rank. And if you want to enjoy the Fauna Faire to the fullest and get access to a second reward pass with additional pets, flairs, emotes, skins, and capes – check out the Adventure Pass!

To learn more about what Fauna Faire has to offer, check out the following resources:

Fauna Faire website
Patch notes 
Introduction to Fauna Faire’s pets
Tower Multiplayer (stay tuned!)

See you at the faire, or join the conversation over at our Discord to share stories and screens of your party-group! I, on the other hand, need to grind some Ancient Hunts to get that gold back...

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