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Announcing... MINECON Earth

A Minecraft show! On the internet! This November!

For the past few years we’ve hosted MINECONs throughout the world, and they’ve been great! We’re extremely proud of how our annual conference has evolved since the first one back in Las Vegas, and would like to thank every attendee for taking some time out to join us.

But this year we’re switching it up! The Minecraft community is still growing, and there’s only a certain number of players we can host while keeping the friendly, intimate community atmosphere that’s made previous MINECONs so special.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce MINECON Earth - an interactive show that will take the best bits of our previous events and incorporate them into a condensed show dedicated to all things Minecraft! It’ll be free to watch and showing on all kinds of popular streaming websites this November.

For more on MINECON Earth, pay a visit to our fancy new page and watch the announcement video above. We’ll be sharing more details soon, including some of the ways you can get involved to make MINECON Earth more special, so watch this space!

Owen Jones
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Owen Jones

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