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Always Building: Everbloom

The best build crews take on themes voted for by you!

Minecraft’s getting bigger and better everyday - and so is the community! To celebrate your ever industrious efforts, we’ve invited some of our favourite build teams to contribute their skills to a single map. YOU vote on what they make. Once all the build teams have created their own island, we’ll put the map up for you to download!

Last time, elite build crew LinsCraft conjured up a terrifying skull-top tower, bringing a novel twist to the theme of a haunted mansion. This week we’ve invited the ample talents of Everbloom Studios to build on the theme you voted for: science lab!

Check out the video above, and an interview with Everbloom Studios below. Check out our Facebook page tomorrow for the next chance to vote.

Everbloom Studios is a globe spanning collective that formed when a team of expert ‘crafters merged with a team of passionate artists. Together they’ve approached a dizzying array of subjects, all executed with ambition and flair.

You may know them from their work on Story Mode Season 2 - they’re the brilliant brains behind the shining spires of Champion City. They’re also working on some pretty snazzy marketplace content, that, says Tijs de Ruiter, is some of the most rewarding work they’ve done.

“Often in a team you will find that only a small percentage of members will complete the majority of the work,” says Tijs. “Recently we've been working much better together, which makes me extremely proud!”

With their creation for Always Building Tijs says they took a lot of inspiration from the movie Howl’s Moving Castle - with a sci-fi twist of course!

As Tijs says: “We wanted to take the theme of the lab and make the building itself dynamic and interesting, as well as the experiments that go on inside.”

There were two big challenges with the build, he says. “Firstly the posing of the robot in the space given the small area we were working with, which restricted how we made it stand. Secondly how we would incorporate the mech design while maintaining the laboratory theme. We achieved this with the open design, inspired by exploded diagrams in engineering.”

The results speak for themselves! Thanks to Tijs, Matthew Banks, Tom van Berkel and the Everbloom team for their ace contribution. Keep an eye on Marketplace for their upcoming masterworks and you can see more of Everbloom’s incredible creations over on their website page.

And don’t forget to vote on the next theme tomorrow, over on our Facebook page!

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