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This awesome Realms Plus image shows some of the content coming in February 2023, including Ninja Mash-Up by Everbloom Games, Super Modern Trendy Textures by GoE-Craft,, and Hacker Tower by Street Studios!

Realms Plus: February 2023

Secret missions, ninjas, dinosaurs, and more!

February is a bit of a sneaky month, because the number of days in it changes every other year. Is February on a secret mission to confuse me? Possibly. Am I jealous that February has a secret mission and we don’t? Definitely! That’s why this month I think we should embark on some secret missions of our own, starting with the 20 pieces of new Realms Plus content coming this month!


Ninja Mash-up by Everbloom Games

I’ve never gone on a secret mission before, which is why I think we should start with some epic ninja training! In Ninja Mash-up by Everbloom Games, you’ll get to fly over rooftops using your grappling hook, fight waves of mobs in the dojo, and even test your skills against the clock. Because this is a mash-up map, you’ll even get a Japanese-style texture pack you can use in your own worlds! So even when you return to your llama farm, you can still feel like every bit the epic ninja you are.


Find The Button by CanadaWebDeveloper

Now that we’ve trained, your first mission – should you choose to accept it – is to Find the Button! If you’ve never undertaken this type of objective before, then fear not, for your task is simple: all you have to do is find the button! The problem is the crafty creators of this map have hidden said buttons rather well. In mazes! In hard-to-reach places! Behind trick walls, trap doors, and all sorts of other secret scenarios! In this epic map, you’ll need to jump, run, and glide through twenty levels in your quest to find all the buttons. I’ve even heard there are some secret levels that you can unlock, which feels very on-theme for us!

For more skill-testing maps this month, check out Block & Seek by Polymaps, and Mineville Sports by InPvP, as well as Block Parkour and PARKOUR by Waypoint Studios!


Hacker Tower by Street Studios

Your next objective is simple: infiltrate Hacker Tower by Street Studios, and claim this epic base as your own! This Survival spawn gives you an incredible advantage, with a ready-built towering base filled with super-powered items. Explore the tower to find all the chests, invite your friends, and take over the world! You can even hop aboard one of the map’s spaceships and explore all the surrounding biomes (because nothing says “secret mission” like a spaceship does!).

For more epic bases to make your own, check out Millionaire Row by Mobblocks, and City Fun by Norvale! And why not look the part of a conquering knight while you’re at it, with the Enderman Dragon Knights 2 skin pack from Hourglass Studios!


Super Modern - Trendy Textures by GoE-Craft

Your next task is a bit of a calmer one (after all that base storming and button-finding). In Super Modern - Trendy Textures by GoE-Craft, your only mission is to have fun discovering how different your Overworld will look after applying this awesome texture pack! With 32-bit and 64-bit textures, geometrically enhanced mobs and super sharp realism, this pack turns your Overworld into a vibrant, modern city where you can rebuild your base as a luxury mansion, or a trendy travel resort.

For more peaceful maps this month, check out Pet Shop 2 by PixelHeads, LUCKY BLOCK MILLIONAIRE, and Lucky Block Hacker by Doctor Benx! 


Dinosaur Survivors by CompyCraft

You’ll be glad we took that break when you load up Dinosaur Survivors by CompyCraft, because in this map your mission is to survive, and the local dinosaur population are going to make it very challenging! On this abandoned jungle island, you’ll need to share thick swathes of forest and a lava-spewing volcano with 35 prehistoric creatures! Seek shelter in abandoned buildings, zoom across the landscape in special vehicles, and fight off huge carnivores to survive.

For more heart-thumping fun this month, don’t miss DragonFire : Jurassic Rift by Spectral Studios, Wither Dungeon by Diluvian, TNT++ by VoxelBlocks, and Boss Quest by Vatonage


Modern Cruise by Pixelusion

Your final objective is very important: explore every nook and cranny in Modern Cruise by Pixelusion, and see what treasures you can find! In this enormous cruise ship (which makes for a great Survival spawn!) you can spend hours going from room to room, exploring the multiple decks, or you can simply spend your time unwinding and having a holiday! Jump on a jet-ski and zip across the ocean, or kick back and relax with friends in your luxurious cruise suite. Just know that if you’re playing on Survival mode, you’ll be sharing this ship with a mob or two (and not all of them will be friendly).


Subscribe to Realms Plus!

If you want to get your hands on all this content and more, you’re going to need to subscribe to Realms Plus via your Minecrafting device! A Realms Plus subscription lets you play with up to ten friends on your own personal server and enjoy over 150 pieces of Minecraft Marketplace content – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Not enough? We update it regularly, adding new content to the line-up every month. Since the catalog is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard. Visit the  Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun!

Do you want one more mission? Is that why you’re still reading? Ok, here’s your final objective: join me next month for more Realms Plus additions! See you there, friend!

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