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Rabahrex is helping us help the oceans!

It's the next part of our Coral Crafters project!

If you're a keen explorer of the world's oceans or just somebody who knows a lot about what goes on under the sea, you may have encountered an Axolotl. Never heard of it? Me neither!

Luckily, I know smarter people, who inform me that the Axolotl is an aquatic, amphibious (and, sadly, endangered) creature unique to Mexico. But easily the most incredible thing about it is it's ability to regrow it's own limbs. Wow, I wish I could do that! I can barely regrow my own hair :(

Anyway, the Axolotl now has another claim to fame. Courtesy of the American Institute of Monterrey in Mexico, and Minecraft YouTuber Rabahrex, it's the latest winning design for Coral Crafters - our project to help the world's oceans!

What is Coral Crafters? Well, with the Update Aquatic, we’re filling Minecraft's oceans to the brim with kelp forest, shipwrecks, deep sea trenches, fish, turtles, dolphins and colourful coral reefs.

In the real world, however, it’s the opposite: climate change, destructive fishing methods and pollution of the water are killing off our planet’s amazing marine life. Coral reefs, one of the Earth’s most precious natural wonders, are under threat.

Coral reefs are home to some two million species - roughly a quarter of all marine life. We’re only just unlocking the secrets of these amazing organisms, and yet the World Wildlife Fund estimates that nearly a third of coral reefs worldwide are already damaged beyond repair. If trends continue, we will soon lose 60% of the world’s coral in the next few decades.

We can do something about this - with YOUR help!

Our plan is to install six Biorock structures, an innovative technology that promotes coral growth up to five times faster than normal, off the coast of Cozumel, Mexico - a region whose coral reefs have suffered from coral bleaching and been battered by hurricanes. The first three designs are iconic characters from past and future updates: Alex, Steve, and a sea turtle. The remaining three designs are in the hands of our community!

  • Logdotzip (hey, I actually spelt his name right this time!) made three designs and then let YOU decide which one would be part of the project! You can read more about that here.
  • StacyPlays put out a call to her community and gave us the Murpup! What's a Murpup? Click here to find out!
  • Which brings us back to Rabahrex and the latest design!

Rabahrex is a Minecraft YouTuber who collaborated both with us and the America Institute of Monterrey, Mexico. Rabahrex and Microsoft mentor, Patricia Romero, worked with 18 students (ranging from grades seven to ten) that were split into groups to come up with six designs.

Then came the hard part - deciding the winner! "I was speechless after I saw all the designs all the teams did," says Rabahrex. "Everything was so beautiful and creative."

But eventually a winner was chosen - stand up and take a bow, Axolotl! Oh, wait, it can't do either of those things.

Ah, but it can regrow limbs, making it the perfect structure to help us promote coral regrowth - which is exactly why the smart students of the Institute of Monterrey chose it!

A massive thanks to Rabahrex and the students of the America Institute of Monterrey. We’ll bring you updates on the status of the project throughout the next few years, so you can see how our coral crafting is coming along!

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