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Panels Return at MINECON Earth

Here's the full line-up of panels and panellists!

Panels! You asked us to bring them back and we listened. We've made sure panels are a massive part of this year's MINECON Earth!

The MINECON Earth livestream is broadcasting everywhere on September 29 (Save the date! Tell your friends! Tattoo the date on your forehead to help you remember! Every Mojang employee has to do this!) During the livestream, we'll have a panel with Minecraft developers. But straight after the livestream, we'll also have some great community panels with Minecraft experts!

All of these panels will be uploaded to our YouTube channel – so make sure you click here to subscribe and you won’t miss out on any of the upcoming panelly goodness!

Here's the full list of panels and panellists:


Minecraft mod developers talk about how using mods can provide more options, opportunities and - most importantly - fun for players!

The panellists will be discussing what modding is, and how you can do it (so if you're new to modding, don't worry, you'll still get a lot out of this panel!) They'll be discussing the history of modding, great mods for Minecraft and even how you can make your own mods!

On this panel: Drullkus, KingLemmingCoFH, Direwolf20, kingbdogz, Amadornes and Vazkii.


The brilliant AntVenom talks about breaking our lovely game that's never hurt anyone. Er, he's got a good reason, right?

Course he does! AntVenom will talk about pushing Minecraft to its absolute limits, and how 'breaking' elements can create fun new ways to enjoy the game! Anyone looking for a fresh perspective on how to play Minecraft will want to catch this.

On this panel: AntVenom


SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, a subject the Hermitcraft team have tons of expertise to share! Each panellist will speak about their SMP experience and give tips on successfully maintaining and evolving a Minecraft SMP.

Anyone who plays multiplayer Minecraft of any kind should get a lot out of this panel. Plus there'll be a Q+A with questions we gathered from Minecraft players prior to the event!

On this panel: Rendog, iskall85, MumboJumbo, cubfan135 and Stressmonster.


MCEdit is a powerful creative tool used by lots of builders to help craft their Minecraft creations. This panel will explain how MCEdit works, and how you can use it to modify and improve your Minecraft skills!

Whether you're something of an MCEdit expert, or a total novice who's never heard of MCEdit and are currently wondering how you pronounce it (Mac-Edit? M to the C to the E-D-I-T?), you're bound to get a lot out of this map-making panel!

On this panel: Podshot, naor2013, TrazLander, gentlegiantJGC and abrightmoore.

Don't forget to watch the MINECON Earth livestream on September 29, which will feature another great panel with Minecraft developers, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out on all these great panels!

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