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New on Realms: Totally Twisted

Get your fill of custom maps with this week’s fantastic five

This week in Stockholm, we have a three and a half day week. Last week was also three and a half days, isn’t that marvelous? I’m absolutely not panicking over here, and am very much relaxing, courtesy of national holidays. Due to time constraints and how much relaxing I’m doing, this intro contains the bare minimum amount of text that my editor would allow. If I need to add in any more words, I’ll just toss them onto the end of this paragraph. Ready to learn about the new maps coming to Java Realms this week? Great! Banana!

Dance Floor

by Cavinator1 & CemreK

If you too have a crippling fear of setting foot onto the dance floor, don’t worry, this map combines some of the fun and none of the anxiety of actual rhythmic movement in “real life”. Dance Floor is a series of minigames taking place exclusively on said floor. As you play through these challenges, you’ll earn points for use in the game’s store, where you can snag fun upgrades like disco balls or a new DJ. Having a guardian as a DJ is pretty sweet because they’re always down for a laser show.

The Twist Labs

by warco311, MaxLoewe, christina_12

Do you have friends? Or at least an enemy that you’re on speaking terms with? If so, great, because The Twist Labs is all about communicating through challenging circumstances. Here for your gaming enjoyment is a narrative-heavy, personality-oozing, two-player co-op game with 30 different challenge rooms. Some rooms are all about trivia, while some contain puzzles, or maybe even crafting. Some puzzles even combine two or more elements! Preposterous!


by Vertex Creations

Players love minigames, and out of all of the minigames on Realms, this is one of them! Step into a multiplayer game with an array of different kinds of challenges, such as Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. If you like variation in scenery while you bop others on the head or run circles around them, you can choose from five different map variants. This game gets the blood pumping and might just bring out your competitive side, as evidenced by the all of the shouting from the Content Team while playtesting this. Why would they shout while I’m deep in my meditative blog-writing trance? Ah well, at least they seem to be having fun.

Shipyard Inc

by Celisio, b3nj1, zun

One of my favorite things to see in Minecraft maps is when someone takes something established, and puts their own spin on it to a degree that it stands out among the entries. Our Inspiration map category for a time has been “show different types of (building) in squares”, but creators aren’t limited to building in that style. Shipyard Inc shows off a number of different options for creating shipyards, loading docks, and associated vehicles, by putting them all together in a setting designed to show you how they might look if you were to try your own hand at building with this theme. It’s a small but flavorful map, packed with detail work that you might miss on your first pass. Jump into this map and get inspired (to build a shipyard)!


by coldfusionmaps

In Totality, you play as an explorer, returning back to earth from your home on the lunar colonies, when suddenly, you crash! Game over, thanks for playing!

Aha, wait, nope, there’s more. I was worried that this was going to be too short and that my editor, Tom, would come to my desk and stare at me disapprovingly in British.

Alright, you’ve crash-landed, but the earth is inhabited by friendly (maybe?) robots who will help you repair your spaceship. But these robots aren’t made of spaceship parts, so you’ll need to trek around and obtain four power sources. Along the way, you’ll find new artifacts and tools, such as the useful holoblock, and the map contains features such as a speedrun mode, a challenging boss fight, and plenty of secrets to uncover. Finish the story, unlock the map’s secrets, and explore a totally normal Earth where there are no humans, probably for totally normal reasons.

That’s a wrap

If you didn’t have weekend plans, now you do! Do you have so many thoughts and feelings about the contents of these maps? Reach out to the creators to let them know! Or ping me on Twitter at the link below.

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Happy Minecrafting!

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