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New on Realms: After the Party

10 maps to complement any celebratory activity!

Last Sunday was the annual Realms Mapmaker Convention! The upper echelon of Java mapmakers gathered for the joyous occasion, and I managed to get in by virtue of my charming personality and/or commanding position!

Parties are a blast and this one doubly so, but the day after always has a way of knocking you down a peg or two. You might have a Slowness status effect that you need to wait out. Maybe you decided to put a Redstone Lamp block on your head as a gag, and now you’re feeling sheepish. Don't fret, our latest release of maps does not judge you for past indiscretions and is the perfect activity for a lazy recovery day!


by Chanceux Inc 

Getting out of bed after an exciting night can provide you with divergent quest paths. Should you brush your teeth or eat breakfast first? Put on your morning robe before or after you shower (probably not during)? Open your curtains, or wallow in the darkness until you have built up the mental fortitude to withstand the assault of sunlight? Thankfully, Up! is a parkour map with no wrong choices – if you get tired of one path, just pick another, and stall out having to properly start your day indefinitely!


by Zombie1111 

Humility is something you could come face to face with as the afterglow of past festivities has died down. Maybe you were flying high on your proverbial Elytra and now you feel like you’ve hit Bedrock. Remembering that we all started as noobs in our ascension towards winner-hood is a good thing to keep in perspective – actually, at the time of this writing all of us would still be firmly in the former category, due to the previous unavailability of this parkour map that features the prestigious ‘winner exam’! Get your winner status officially certified, and while you’re at it, add it to your resume!


by TheblueMan003 & Benjamin874 

A famous rapper once received an Academy Award for a song where he made the forceful statement that “you only get Oneshot” – presumably referring to his selection of minigames on his Java Realm! Now I can’t ensure that an absolutist claim like this will hold up over time and there might be a bias for instagib-style PvP to contend with here, but it still speaks volumes of the long-lasting appeal of the map itself which is chiefly due to its massive variance! Four different maps, two different game modes, and ten powerups ensure you can party all night again, let’s go!





by Horace Altman, Quinten, & Bansed


by Bimmeren 


by rothax, denoy & naflu 


by Kralled, Gliuth & Marilakos 


by VentureBT 


by InfinityBuilds 


by Wheat Creations 


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Happy Minecrafting!

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