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New Minecraft YouTube series

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Biomes! If you’ve played Minecraft, you’ve likely encountered at least one of them. Well, unless the way you play Minecraft is by never leaving the title screen (no shade here – that’s my preferred way to play too). But why are Minecraft’s biomes the way they are? Why are the deserts so desolate? Why are there so many grassy biomes? Why is there a spooky mansion full of jerks in the Dark Forest one?

These are just some of life’s eternal mysteries that we’ve selflessly answered in our new show Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes! It’s a mix of Minecraft facts, development insight, and explanations of WHY we made the Overworld the way it is. Oh, but it’s also a fight for the very future of Minecraft itself – because an evil ex-employee has inserted a dreadful mob called "Mobbo" into the game’s code, and now two "heroes" have to go into the game and stop Mobbo before they destroy Minecraft forever. 

…Wait, what? Hopefully, this trailer will clear everything up!


An epic new show needs an epic new cast! Unfortunately, no one epic was interested. So let’s meet the cast we did manage to get. First off, it’s the man so British he weeps tea, Narrator.

Joining him, because he’s even more hopeless alone, is the obsolete computer who’s constantly deleting our Minecraft saves just for fun, M.A.R.I.L.L.A.

Then of course there’s the worst mob ever made. Seriously, this one makes a phantom look like a winning lottery ticket. Sorry to have to do this, but allow me to introduce you to Mobbo.

But it’s not just Mobbo that our heroes will have to stop in order to save Minecraft from ruin. For they must also do battle with an evil man whose morals are almost as dubious as his American accent. I speak in a frightened whisper of the legendary Jonathan Minecraft.

Jonathan is the ex-husband of Narrator. Hang on, he married that jerk? Well, I suppose we all did stupid things when we were young. For example, I used to work for Mojang Studios. Anyway, Jonathan clearly isn’t taking the divorce well, as he’s using Mobbo to change the Overworld into something truly terrible. You’ll have to watch the show to find out what! Let's take closer look at the available episodes!

Episode 1

In the exciting debut, Episode One: Starting a New Adventure, Narrator and M.A.R.I.L.L.A explore the beginning biomes of the Overworld to try and find Mobbo. They discover how we balance Minecraft’s opening hours (er, somewhat successfully), why forests and greenery are such common starting points in video games, and a mysterious new restaurant. Watch it below!

Episode 2

In Episode Two: Desert of Doom, Narrator helpfully mansplains why Minecraft’s deserts are slightly feature-lite compared to other biomes, and M.A.R.I.L.L.A ignores him as she’s more curious about the new theme park that’s opened in the desert. A theme park? In Minecraft? See the impossible become possible by watching it here below!

Episode 3

That brings us to Episode Three: Woodland Mansion Mystery. Someone has Game Over’d Steve! Can Narrator and M.A.R.I.L.L.A solve the crime, clear their names, catch the real culprit, and even explain some of the design decisions that went into crafting the woodland mansion? Let’s find out by watching it below!

This ridiculous biomes show is very much a sequel series to The Secrets of Minecraft, except that show had viewers and won an award. Not an award for writing. Yet I still took all the credit? Weird!

Anyway, we’ll be releasing a new episode of Around the Minecraft World in 80 Biomes every month, only on the Official Minecraft YouTube channel. Subscribe today so you don’t miss out! Then compliment me on "my" award. Again. LOUDER.

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