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Minecraft Snapshot 19w46a

A Minecraft Java Snapshot

Ever felt really hungry while playing in Creative? Well, good for you, because now you can eat all the food you want in Creative mode! Besides this we also have also squashed a bunch of bugs, but we usually stay away from eating those.

Edit: We've now released 19w46b

Changes in 19w46b

  • Fixed a crash when bees forgot about a flower position
  • Fixed a crash when an invalid biome was specified for a superflat world
  • Fixed a crash when tab completing names in the chat
  • Contrast tweaks for text colors
  • Command suggestions are now narrated if the narrator is turned to system or all

Fixed bug in 19w46b

  • MC-161874 - Scoreboard sidebar text is partially transparent

Changes in 19w46a

  • Experience orbs now appear in the same location as loot when an entity is killed
  • Bees now only exit through the front of the nest / hive
  • All foods are now edible in creative mode
  • Performance improvements
  • Added advancements for bees and honey
  • Fixed bugs


  • Added "Sticky Situation" for jumping into a honey block break your fall
  • Added "Bee Our Guest" for safely collecting Honey from a Beehive using a campfire
  • Added "Total Beelocation" for moving a Bee Nest with 3 bees inside using Silk Touch

Fixed bugs in 19w46a

  • MC-2871 - Baby zombies are not spawned when right-clicking onto an adult zombie with a zombie spawn egg
  • MC-112990 - Powered data parameter of furnace minecart is set by client as well
  • MC-129273 - Attempting to place a painting in a spot where it cannot exist may play the hand animation anyway
  • MC-141354 - Dragon fireball texture inconsistent with new fire charge texture
  • MC-144263 - Anvils glitch out and make noise when dropped on shulker
  • MC-145821 - Stained glass, ice, slime block and other transparent block particles are not transparent anymore
  • MC-146305 - Wandering traders sometimes run extremely fast for no reason
  • MC-146623 - Bonus chest can spawn in the air or over grass
  • MC-150079 - Some commands in a command block will not run if the last character is a space.
  • MC-156746 - Can’t change Attribute generic.maxHealth for tamed wolves/dogs
  • MC-159353 - Bees can take damage after leaving a bee nest or a bee hive
  • MC-159614 - Baby hostile bees don’t have an attacking animation
  • MC-160900 - Arm swings when right-clicking armor stand/item frame
  • MC-160981 - Making tamed parrots sit/stand plays no hand animation
  • MC-161059 - Bees don’t sleep during rain
  • MC-161074 - Experience disappears after dying with gamerule doImmediateRespawn true
  • MC-161154 - When the ender eye is unavailable, the hand animation is still playing
  • MC-161435 - Arm swing animation is played when eating or drinking an item
  • MC-162522 - Setting render distance to values >8 chunks freezes the game for >1 second (minutes for higher values)
  • MC-162724 - Bees don’t leave their nest/hive in the nether
  • MC-162927 - Breaking animation on grass block is miss-coloured
  • MC-163027 - Mob and player particles are offset
  • MC-163034 - Experience orbs are no longer translucent
  • MC-163133 - Giant spruce trees occasionally generate very short
  • MC-163293 - Leaves of acacia trees generate differently than before
  • MC-163375 - Minecart with a Furnace can take anything as fuel
  • MC-163381 - Exception loading structure piece with id minecraft:nvi
  • MC-163448 - Redundant hand animation when clicking on a fully-healed iron golem with an iron ingot
  • MC-163472 - Items out of your inventory push you in death screen
  • MC-163475 - Savanna biomes have a lot more grass than before
  • MC-163863 - Lit redstone ore no longer produces a burst of particles when right clicked / Right clicking lit redstone ore plays redundant hand animation
  • MC-163869 - Fishing line isn’t curved anymore
  • MC-163871 - Placing a chest next to a closing chest cuts the animation in half
  • MC-163936 - Arm swings when attempting to put a saddle on a baby pig
  • MC-164049 - Pretty name of int array tag is wrong
  • MC-164101 - Bees outside of a bee hive or nest will not become angry when a player harvests honey or honeycomb from a nearby hive or nest
  • MC-164143 - Saplings try to grow on the highest block above them
  • MC-164152 - Experience orbs are rotated incorrectly when using the third person camera from the front
  • MC-164336 - Campfire under bees don’t calm bees if open trapdoor is between the campfire and bee nest
  • MC-164486 - Bees still mad even though there are campfires underneath beehives when there is a carpet in between
  • MC-164499 - Game crashes when creating customized superflat world with unparsable biome
  • MC-164535 - /playsound uses wrong feedback message for multiple targets
  • MC-164536 - Anvil item naming text field contents are rendered above item tooltips
  • MC-164745 - Rendering Issue In Statistic Menu
  • MC-164747 - Inconsistent Capitalization of ‘By’ in ‘Damage Blocked By Shield’
  • MC-164909 - Silk Touch continues working after tool breaks
  • MC-164992 - Empty bee hives and bee nests drop as an item when being broken in Creative mode
  • MC-165023 - Sand dropped on boats can force update cacti, sugar cane, and bamboo causing them to grow very quickly
  • MC-165034 - Falling blocks convert to blocks when falling on top of a boat
  • MC-165061 - Command blocks ignore trailing spaces when checking syntax
  • MC-165174 - Breaking particles of semi-transparent blocks are not transparent
  • MC-165181 - Boats are filled with water

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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