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Noor, alongside many small Slimes, is fighting a Skeleton in a Trial Chamber, which is holding an enchanted Bow and wearing enchanted Iron Chestplate.

Minecraft 1.20.5 Pre-Release 1

A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

It is now time for the first Pre-release of Minecraft 1.20.5, featuring some tweaks to Trial Chambers and Ominous Trials, as well as new advancements, a big set of technical tweaks and changes, and lots of bug fixes.

From now on, you should mostly see bugs being fixed. In addition to that, pre-releases don't follow the regular snapshot cadence of releasing on Wednesdays, so keep an eye out for the next pre-release.

Experimental Features

Trial Chambers

  • More consistently buried by terrain when found underground
  • Remade 'Chamber 6' with variations, and renamed it to 'Assembly'
  • Added a new trap dispenser style to chambers
  • Fixed various broken jigsaw connections in the corridors
  • Chamber Eruption:
    • Stopped Tuff Bricks from spawning in the air
    • Added more lights to quadrants

Ominous Trials

  • Mobs that can wear equipment will now often spawn with enchanted weapons and armor
    • Armor enchantments include Protection IV, Projectile Protection IV and Fire Protection IV
    • Weapon enchantments include Sharpness I, Knockback I, Power I and Punch I
  • Mobs that wear equipment no longer have a chance to drop their equipment on death
  • Players are now chosen 50% of the time when an Ominous Trial Spawner chooses which entity to drop projectiles on top of
    • Projectiles now spawn more accurately above chosen entities


  • Now more consistently spawns 2-3 cobwebs on death
  • Players are now affected by the movement buff through Cobwebs
    • Move through Cobweb with 50% of their normal speed instead of 25%


  • Now has a 10% chance to spawn 1-2 Silverfish instead of 5%
  • Silverfish will now spawn at the center of the entity's bounding box and fling out in the direction the entity is facing


  • Will only spawn slimes in a given 5x5x5 area up to the max entity cramming count


  • Added Revaulting - Unlock an Ominous Vault with an Ominous Trial Key

New Features in 1.20.5-pre1


  • Added the following advancements:
    • Isn't it Scute? - Get Armadillo Scutes from an Armadillo using a Brush
    • Snip it! - Remove Wolf Armor from a Wolf using Shears
    • Good as New - Repair a damaged Wolf Armor using Armadillo Scutes
    • The Whole Pack - Tame one of each Wolf variant

Changes in 1.20.5-pre1

  • Added support for Viossa language

Technical Changes

  • The Data Pack version is now 39

Data Pack Version 39

  • Added new item sub-predicates and loot functions
  • Added new terrain adaptation type for structures: encapsulate
    • Density will be added all around every piece of a structure
    • Ideal for structures that need to be entirely covered underground
  • The page limit in Written Books has been removed
  • The combination of max_stack_size and max_damage components is no longer allowed in commands and data pack definitions
  • Added a new option body in entity equipment sub-predicate to match the item in the body armor slot of an entity
  • The saturation_modifier field on the food component has been replaced with saturation
    • saturation is the exact value added to the player's saturation level
    • In respect to the former saturation_modifier, this is defined by saturation = nutrition * saturation_modifier * 2
  • Particle representation in commands and area effect clouds has been changed
  • Changed optional equipment_loot_table field in the SpawnPotentials of Monster Spawners and spawn_potentials of Trial Spawner configs
    • Now named equipment instead of equipment_loot_table
    • Format: object with fields
      • loot_table - A loot table used to generate the equipment
      • slot_drop_chances - An optional map of equipment slot to specified drop chance
        • Can also be a single value instead of a list to apply to all slots: e.g. slot_drop_chances: 0.0f will apply a chance of 0% to all slots
    • e.g. equipment: {loot_table: "minecraft:equipment/trial_chamber", slot_drop_chances: {"head": 0.0f, "chest": 0.25f, "legs": 1.0f, "feet": 0.25f}}
    • If present, rolled items from the specified loot table will be equipped to the mob that spawns
  • Removed Item tag minecraft:tools (overlapping with minecraft:breaks_decorated_pots)
  • Added Entity Type tag minecraft:punchable_projectiles for projectiles which should be able to be punched and deflected toward the direction the player is looking
  • Added Enchantment tag minecraft:tooltip_order controlling which order Enchantments are listed in tooltips

Modified loot functions


  • Unused field type has been removed
  • Added new mandatory field component:
    • Describes target component to be filled with items
    • Existing contents will be replaced
    • Allowed values: container, bundle_contents, charged_projectiles
    • bundle_contents and charged_projectiles will ignore empty stacks


Field tag now accepts both SNBT data written as a string (existing format) and unflattened tags

New Loot Functions


  • Apply modifier function to every item inside a component
  • If component does not exist, it will not be added
  • Fields:
    • conditions- list of conditions to filter this function
    • component - target component
      • Allowed values: container, bundle_contents, charged_projectiles
    • modifier - function or list of functions to be applied to every item inside container


  • Replaces item type of item stack without changing count and components
  • Fields:
    • conditions - list of conditions to filter this function
    • item - new item type


  • Applies sub-function only to items that match item predicate
  • Fields:
    • conditions - list of conditions to filter this function
    • item_filter - item predicate used to match items
    • modifier - functions to apply to matching items


  • Sets custom_model_data component
  • Fields:
    • conditions - list of conditions to filter this function
    • value - integer number provider

New Item Sub-predicates

General rules of component predicates:

  • Unless otherwise specified, a field in predicate with the same name as a field in component that matches (i.e. has the same name as predicate) will match that field value
  • Those fields will usually have the same type as in the components, but will be optional.
  • Exceptions:
    • List fields will be replaced with collection matchers (see below)
    • Integer and float fields will be replaced with ranges
    • Registry ids will be replaced with a type that accepts id, list of ids or a tag

Collection matcher

Collection matcher is a shared part of predicate used for matching collections.Every instance of this matcher will have same fields with same functionality, with only difference being type of matched elementFields:

  • size - integer range to match against collection size
  • contains - a list of element predicates
    • All conditions must match for predicate to pass
    • Not all elements in tested container have to be matched
    • Elements can be in any order
    • Single element can match multiple predicates
    • Examples (when matching item stacks):
      • {contents:[{item:diamond}]} - will match when there is at least one diamond item
      • {contents:[{item:diamond}, {item:dirt}]} - will match when there is at least one diamond item and at least one dirt item
  • count - a list of matchers on element counts
    • Entry fields:
      • test - element matcher
      • count - optional integer range to check against number of elements passing test
    • Examples (when matching item stacks):
      • {count:[{count:3,test:{items:diamond}}]}} will match only when there are exactly 3 stacks of diamonds (no matter the stack size)


  • Matcher for container component (like shulker box)
  • Fields:
    • items - optional collection matcher
      • Note: empty items are ignored. That means container~{items:{size:3}} will only pass if there are exactly 3 non-empty stacks in container


  • Matcher for bundle_contents component
  • Fields:
    • items - optional collection matcher


  • Matcher for firework_explosion component
  • Fields
    • shape - optional matcher for shape, same values as shape field in minecraft:firework_explosion component
    • has_trail - optional boolean
    • has_twinkle - optional boolean


  • Matcher for fireworks component
  • Fields:
    • explosions - optional collection matcher for firework_explosion predicates
    • flight_duration - optional integer range check for flight duration
  • Example: minecraft:fireworks~{explosions:{contains:[{shape:small_ball}]}}] - matches if firework has at least one explosion with small_ball shape


  • Matcher for writable_book_content component
  • Fields
    • pages - optional collection matcher for strings (matching only unfiltered contents of page)


  • Matcher for written_book_content component
  • Fields
    • pages - optional collection matcher for chat components (matching only unfiltered contents of page)
    • author - optional string value
    • title - optional string value (matching only value)
    • generation - optional integer range check for generation
    • resolved - optional boolean


  • Matcher for attribute_modifiers component
  • Fields:
    • modifiers - optional collection matcher for following entries with following fields:
      • attribute - optional id, list of ids or tag for attribute to be matched
      • id - optional UUID
      • name - optional string
      • amount - optional double range check
      • operation - optional operation type (same values as operation field from attribute_modifiers component)
      • slot - optional applicable slot type (same values as slot field from attribute_modifiers component)


  • Matcher for trim component
  • Fields:
    • material - optional id, list of ids or tag for material to be matched
    • pattern - optional id, list of ids or tag for pattern to be matched

Particle representation

  • Particle options in commands and in fields like Particles in Area Effect clouds now use the same representation as worldgen files (like existing biomes' ambient particle settings)
  • For example, command /particle minecraft:dust 1.0 0.0 0.0 2.0 ... becomes /particle minecraft:dust{color:[1.0, 0.0, 0.0], scale:2.0} ...
  • The syntax for particles without extra options (like minecraft:villager) remains unchanged
  • Changes to block particles (minecraft:block, minecraft:block_marker, minecraft:falling_dust, minecraft:dust_pillar) options:
    • Field value has been renamed to block_state
    • Field block_state now also accepts plain block name to represent default block state
    • Example transformations:
      • minecraft:block minecraft:redstone_lamp[lit=true] -> minecraft:block{block_state: {Name: "minecraft:redstone_lamp", Properties: {lit: "true"}}}
      • minecraft:block minecraft:diamond_block -> minecraft:block{block_state: "minecraft:diamond_block"}
  • Changes to minecraft:item options:
    • Field value has been renamed to item
    • Field item now also accepts plain item name to represent item stack with default components
    • count field is now ignored
    • Example transformations:
      • minecraft:item minecraft:dirt -> minecraft:item{item: {id: "minecraft:dirt"}}
      • minecraft:item minecraft:dirt -> minecraft:item{item: "minecraft:dirt"}
  • Changes to dust_color_transition options:
    • Field fromColor has been renamed to from_color
    • Field toColor has been renamed to to_color
    • Example transformation: dust_color_transition 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.5 0.0 1.0 0.5 -> dust_color_transition{from_color: [1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f], scale: 0.5f, to_color: [0.0f, 1.0f, 0.5f]}
  • Changes to entity_effect options:
    • Field value has been renamed to color
    • Field color now also accepts list of floats representing RGBA color

Fixed bugs in 1.20.5 Pre-Release 1

  • MC-165435 - Can't trigger flying mode in creative while standing in the middle of 2×2 magma block bubble column
  • MC-188497 - AngerTime and AngryAt cannot be set on summon
  • MC-207353 - Ghast fireballs and wind charges can't be redirected in melee if the attack does 0 damage
  • MC-263315 - Attack Target of hoglins/zoglins can't be detected by /execute on target
  • MC-264456 - Entity targeted by frogs and axolotls can't be detected by /execute on target
  • MC-265390 - Forceload Command provides wrong output
  • MC-267934 - Sending ClientboundTransferPacket followed by disconnect just kicks the player
  • MC-268000 - The client crashes when using /give to give players a skull
  • MC-268346 - Jump can be used with generic.jump_strength set to 0 resulting in a speed boost
  • MC-268947 - Flying cannot be initiated reliably when the minecraft:generic.gravity attribute is increased
  • MC-269191 - Old villagers can't trade
  • MC-269192 - Breeze is not affected by the 'execute on target' command
  • MC-269266 - Area effect cloud particles from creeper explosions are incorrectly tinted
  • MC-269320 - Books with more than 100 pages get cut off when upgraded
  • MC-269357 - Flow and guster banner pattern descriptions display as raw translation strings
  • MC-269366 - Mace doesn't break Decorated Pots unlike other tools
  • MC-269496 - You don't get any damage if you fight against the breeze in a minecart or in a boat
  • MC-269501 - The text above the hotbar has no background, even when the "Text Background" setting is "Everywhere" in spectator mode
  • MC-269508 - Player keeps vertical momentum when jumping when landing on the ground from sonic boom
  • MC-269609 - Wind charges can harm the ender dragon while it perches atop the end portal, unlike arrows and tridents.
  • MC-269610 - Wind charges have the capability to harm the wither when it has reached half health or less
  • MC-269680 - Game crashes when trying to save after modifying item stack to have a max_stack_size below its current stack size
  • MC-269707 - Brewing stand slots have artificial maximum stack size of 64
  • MC-269765 - Mace damage does not reset after a hit while still falling
  • MC-269933 - limit_count item modifier can create overstacked items
  • MC-269947 - Clicking spam with Mace causes very high damage
  • MC-269948 - The subtitle for the "minecraft:event.mob_effect.raid_omen" sound event displays as a raw translation string
  • MC-269949 - New "Raid Omen" effect texture is using Programmer Art Evoker as base
  • MC-269954 - Striking non-living entities with a mace enchanted with Wind Burst propels the player upward, even when they are flying
  • MC-269955 - When flying in creative mode, hitting ender dragons with a mace enchanted with Wind Burst pushes the player upward, unlike when attacking other mobs
  • MC-269959 - "Not a list" printed to console when loading into a world
  • MC-269961 - Non-player entities with the Weaving effect can't walk through Cobweb at normal speeds
  • MC-269963 - Bad Omen is not removed when experimental features are disabled
  • MC-269974 - Mobs with the weaving effect, when dying, are unable to replace replaceable blocks with cobwebs
  • MC-269976 - Wind Burst book available from villager trading
  • MC-269977 - Wind Burst enchantment is obtainable in Enchanting Table
  • MC-269980 - Wind Burst enchantment triggers from normal attacks rather than smash attacks
  • MC-269993 - Hitting wind charges using mace with Wind Burst creates very high upwards momentum
  • MC-269999 - Potions of Infestation, Oozing and Weaving can be obtained without experimental features enabled
  • MC-270001 - The particle 'minecraft:item minecraft:air' crashes the client
  • MC-270004 - Giving yourself an item with a Wind Burst enchantment level higher than 3, then hitting certain entities crashes the game
  • MC-270005 - Mace smash attack can be done multiple times from a single fall
  • MC-270009 - Entities with the infested effect can spawn silverfish without actually being hurt
  • MC-270048 - Vault textures are inconsistent
  • MC-270060 - The glowing parts of trial spawner textures are inconsistent
  • MC-270094 - Fletcher sells new tipped arrows without experimental features enabled
  • MC-270099 - Killing a mob with Weaving effect places cobwebs even if mobGriefing is disabled
  • MC-270119 - The contents slot for the /item command does not function with shot arrows, tridents, and fireballs
  • MC-270125 - Wind Burst can be obtained from chest and fishing loot
  • MC-270158 - Wind Burst activates while mace is on cooldown
  • MC-270161 - Wind burst enchantment is significantly stronger on vehicle entities
  • MC-270201 - Fishing rod line does not account for the scale attribute in third-person
  • MC-270236 - area_effect_cloud and lingering potions causing potion_contents.custom_color to be slightly transparent
  • MC-270412 - Wind charge item crash on non-experimental worlds.
  • MC-270475 - Container component slot -1 crash

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Pre-releases are available for Minecraft: Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, so please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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