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Redstone key art

Researching Redstone

An introduction to Minecraft’s own energy resource

Ah, redstone, this technological marvel. It’s almost impossible to describe it to someone who has never played Minecraft. Where do you even start? Redstone is like… a resource you mine out of the ground, works like electricity, and used to both create machines and make them do wondrous things. What sort of things? Well, just about anything, really! 

Redstone can be used to make torches or solid blocks to power devices such as pistons. You can also fling handfuls of redstone dust on the ground to make paths that work like circuitry, or make it work together in conjunction with other blocks, such as a sculk sensor, hopper, or chest.

Oh! And you can make the redstone power “pulse” and use it to demonstrate electrical engineering concepts like timing, attenuation, and circuitry. This can be used to create automated machines and gadgets like door openers, sugar cane harvesters, or lanterns that activate based on light-level sensors. The only limit is your imagination!

There are brilliant creators out in the world who have put their redstone contraptions on the Internet. You can find anything from the simplest honey farms to incredible supercomputers! And they share instructions about how to make them so that anyone can see and give it a try. Maybe the best part is that there is almost always more than one way to do something. It’s art AND science!

Then, after you build something amazing in Creative mode, you can challenge yourself to recreate it in a Survival mode world to impress your friends.

Ready to give it a try? You can start with the redstone guide – a resource that explains some of the more commonly used components, along with the basics of how to make circuits. It’s intended to help creators like you learn the building blocks of redstone to make it easier to learn how other creators put those parts together in their own creations.

So, what are you going to build first?

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