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Gameplay Development and Gameplay Loops with Parkour Worlds

Build and share fun gameplay experiences with friends using parkour mechanics

Minecraft creators can make almost any gameplay experience they want within a world. From survival spawns that mimic real-life to parkour worlds that push the limits of Minecraft mechanics, the possibilities are endless! 

But how do you create a world with gameplay that makes players want to come back for more? And how would you then create and release a world to your friends? And hey, what exactly is a parkour world anyway?

The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition parkour documentation is a new resource that talks all about gameplay and game development tools to help you create a parkour world. These articles talk about how to create gameplay loops for fun player experiences. You also learn how to use the gameplay development cycle to create and release a parkour world.

The Parkour World Walkthrough reverse-engineers a sample parkour world and talks through the mechanics that it contains. Test the skills of players with jumping and other player mechanics by spacing out jumps. Experiment with different blocks like magma and drip leaf plants to vary the gameplay. And finally, leverage redstone to create interactive elements that reveal new paths or new obstacles for players. Try your best at our team’s sample parkour world, available through the Minecraft Samples GitHub repository.

Then, when you’re ready to make your own world, check out our handy Parkour World Creation guide. It will guide you through some of the basics of creating a parkour world, from designing your experience to creating a fun ending. Learn to plan around a theme, develop jumps, test everything you build, and decorate based on the theme. Finally, follow the release steps to share your new creation with friends.

If you’re ready to create more gameplay Worlds, see the Build a gameplay experience with TypeScript and How To Make a "Complete the Monument" World articles. They offer two other ways to make an experience fun and engaging for players. You could even combine the challenge of a parkour world with a complete the monument game to create a new ending to your creation. We can't wait to see what you make!

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