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Command Block dialog box.

Exploring Minecraft Commands

All the basics and more!

“Commands? What are commands?” you ask. Great question! They’re as simple as changing the time of day or as complex as setting up and working with a scoreboard. There are a wide variety of commands, and each has their own utility to improve your content.

Intro to Commands is the perfect place to start if you are just discovering how to use Minecraft commands or are still in the process of learning. Want to understand what a Minecraft command is, or how to actually use them? Want to learn more about the syntax, arguments, and input types? This page has everything you need to get started on the path to understanding (and using!) commands. 

Getting Started with Command Blocks is another great way to educate yourself. Command blocks are a specialized type of block that allows you to use commands in-game, instead of using the chat functionality. They can be strung together to create "chains" and are a very powerful tool within Minecraft. This tutorial goes over how to give yourself a command block, how to interface with it, how to set up your first command block, and much more!

But the sources don’t end there! Popular Commands is a tutorial that highlights some of the more commonly used commands. It’s a great place to look for examples and understand what kind of things they can enable in your worlds. Some examples include setting the weather, changing world spawn, giving items to players, and many more! 

How To Make a Complete the Monument Map is our final commands tutorial – for now at least! This tutorial puts together all the useful information from the other three and walks you through the creation of a simple command system. 

See if you have what it takes to create your first Complete The Monument map! Good luck with your first commands!

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