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The Minecraft Spookyfest is upon us!

Embrace the creepy, in-game and IRL

Slowly but surely, the scorching rays of sun are becoming milder, and I can finally go outside without hissing involuntarily. Ironically, it’s also the season when hissing would be the most socially acceptable – because Halloween is almost here! 

And do we have some creepy cute stuff in store for you! In October, we will be releasing all kinds of spooky surprises for Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, witch be warned, I’m about to spoil below. That’s right, we’re even doing spoilers this year. Bet you’re already terrified.

Let’s start with Minecraft Dungeons since the special Halloween event is now an established tradition – only this year it’s an even... Spookier Fall. Get ready to fight through new, scarier adventures and earn some menacing gear! We’ll reveal more details throughout the month.

Throughout the Spookyfest, we’ll be showcasing some special Halloween Minecraft Marketplace items, including but not limited to:

  • October 13: The Spooky Gourdian – a free Minecraft Dungeons-inspired Character Creator item based on the Jack-O-Lantern (free until November 2) 

  • October 19: The Cauldron Cover – a paid Minecraft Dungeons-inspired Character Creator item based on the Cauldron

  • October 26: Halloween Fiends – a free skin pack (free until November 2) 

Planning on dazzling your friends or scoring some candy from your neighbors with your costume? Why not double down and do the rounds in Minecraft as well? If you buy select Minecraft items between October 1 and October 31 on the Micrafan Shop (Japan) or on (worldwide), you get a special code for a free Minecraft Crafty Costumes Skin Pack with five spooky skins to use in Bedrock Edition. 

And last but most certainly not least, I was shocked to find out that you can also craft IRL, not just in Minecraft. Who knew you could put things together to create other things? I guess that’s what they do at the pizza place I order from. Huh. After this groundbreaking revelation, we decided to prepare some fun activities for you – outside of Minecraft! Just click the two buttons to get the materials you’ll need and check out the trailer below them for some inspiration. 

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